Purchase Golf Clubs

Golf Club Financing

ShopEZCredit exists to help individuals find financing options for their purchases, such as for Golf Club Financing for as low as $44.00 per payment. We are a small business that specializes in developing relationships with banks and lenders that are interested in financing products in this industry.

Buy Now Pay Later Golf Clubs

You will need to make a down payment. That being said, our Buy Now Pay Later Golf Clubs program is designed to have you pay over time, instead of paying all up front at once. Payments start as low as $44.00 every 2 weeks. The more expensive products on our website are as low as $96.00.

Rent to Own Golf Clubs

We help individuals and small businesses get setup for Rent to Own Golf Clubs as low as $44.00. This is important because you can get a desired bi-weekly payment in lieu of putting the purchase on credit cards. We find an interest rate (sometimes referrred to APY or Annual Percentage Yield) that works for your budget. The contract you sign will explain terms and conditions, as well as the payments you will need to make over the term. We encourage you to read the contract, as every financial institution may have something different that you need to be aware of.

Lease to Own Golf Clubs

It is simple to Lease to Own Golf Clubs with ShopEZCredit. We have a website with a selection of products that is available for you to select from. Keep in mind that if you don't find what you want, you can always come back to see if we have new inventory. You can also apply on our website with a generic application, indicating you want to get a sporting goods product. We will then find out what is needed to complete your app, if anything, and get back to you in a timely manner.

Tell me why people are interested in this product

Golf clubs are an excellent gift for anyone who currently plays the game of golf. Many people have golf clubs laying around that can be used, however, the newest models and designs will help you play at your highest level and best performance.

There are many different types of golf clubs. First, a driver and woods are usually the longest clubs in the bag and have the largest clubface. Next, irons are shaped with a flat hitting area and backing, as these clubs allow you to hit higher and softer into a green. Last, a putter is flat on the bottom along with a flat front face. The putter is used at close distances to the hole, usually on the green.

You will want to understand any other needs you might have with this purchase. Many people want a golf bag, club covers, golf balls, golf tees, towels and ball markers. If you live on a course or want to ride in style, you can even get a Rent To Own Golf Cart to move from hole to hole.

Who is typically playing the game of golf?

Many people play as a recreational hobby. Some play competitively in a local tournament, at higher regional levels or even professionally. The goal of golf is to have the lowest score possible, so any advantage you can have is important.

This game is very friendly to all ages. Younger children, usually accompanied by adults, find great pleasure in learning this sport. Many life lessons can be taught, along with understanding of the culture of golf.

Many business minded people play this sport. It is possible many sales are made on the golf course because of the friendships and discussions that can take place. It can be vital for you to have clubs when the time comes for a business outing that you are invited to.

When do people usually play?

It is always a good time to play golf! Many people are very conscious about weather conditions, include extreme cold/warmth, rain or wind. It is frequently possibly to play in some of these conditions, if desired. Obviously, heavy rain and nearby lightning will cause the course to delay or close down. It is always best to research the weather conditions as you plan your day on the course.

The importance of having your own set

Golf equipment is essential for your game. It is very important to many golfers to have the same set of clubs for every round you play. If you rent or borrow clubs, it can throw you off (even slightly) from your swing. There are so many reasons this can happen, including club head weight, club head shape and the feel of the club shaft. A new set can give you the confidence to play at your highest level.

Can I only get what is on your website?

You will want to find the equipment that is right for you. We have a few examples of what might fit you well, however, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have something else in mind. We can normally find what you desire or something similar.

You can find many different options to pick from. Many people are loyal to a specific brand. Others want a special feature, such as shaft type, which may be stiff, regular or graphite. Irons can be forgiving, regular or blades. Last, you may only need some of the clubs and not a complete set.

Why is ShopEZCredit the place to go for my golf clubs?

We understand you have many options available to get your clubs from. We want to be the expert for your specific circumstance. Many places cannot provide creative financing terms like we can. If you are ready to get started, apply today.

We specialize is many other product categories, such as Bedroom Furniture, Drums, Hospital Beds, Tablets and Rims. Our online website is the source for your future needs as well. Put us on your favorites list and check back with us on a frequent basis to see what else we have available that might serve your needs.