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We want to be a one-stop shop for your Compound Bow Financing needs! We have the payment plans you are looking for as low as $53.00 every 2 weeks, with competitive interest rates and the number of payments. The interest rate is sometimes called the annual percentage yield.

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We have competitive Rent to Own programs as low as $53.00 per payment and many people consider us a Buy Here Pay Later store. We can help if you have good credit and usually when you have troubles with your credit score. We work hard to develop relationships with financial institutions and banks to ensure options are available for your situation.

Tell me more about this item

A compound bow is a recreational product used by many individuals across the US. It is most commonly used for hunting. Others may use it for entertainment purposes, such as target practice. We are not experts in safety, however, it is commonly understood this can be a very dangerous product. It is important to think ahead about the storage of this product to keep it out of harms way. In addition, it can be helpful to have a lockable cabinet. This may also keep the product from being stolen. As always, PLEASE READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL FOR INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING SAFETY AND PROPER STORAGE.

It is frequently paired with accessories such as arrows (with different types of tips), casing and special gloves for proper release of the strings. Be sure to read the product descriptions and ask if you have additional needs that we may not address. For instance, if you need a video recorder, treestand, hunting blind or rangefinder. These are all things we might be able to help you with. Other accessories you will probably need to purchase on your own is camoflauge, upgraded sights, special arrow tips, boots, hunting attractions, etc.

The product is likely most used for hunting activities, such as deer. It may be that your area has other wildlife that is more common. It is very important to research and understand the restrictions for types of products that are used, the rules/regulations about the property you want to use and the season allowed for the game you wish to target. These are all important facts you may need to know before purchasing this product. Be sure to check your local, state and national regulations for these types of concerns, including to contact the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) or similar agencies.

Who usually buys this product?

Many people enjoy using this product. However, it isn't for everyone. It is obviously important to consider the safety factors mentioned above and in the owners manuals. You will need to be able to safely/properly operate the equipment. Next, you need to have the strength to pull the bow back to release the arrow.

The majority of people who get this product are adults. People can live in many parts of the US, although many areas of the country are more know for wildlife. It is not a product that is seen in cities, rather, in rural areas around farms or hunting land.

Where is this product used and stored?

A compound bow can be used in hunting grounds or acreage. It could also be used in fields when you are looking to improve your accuracy with target practice. It is commonly used for targets that are closer than a gun or rifle would be used.

This product should be carefully stored in a properly design case. This is helpful to keep the bow from damage when hitting it against something, or smashing it with car doors. It can also be stepped on. This product is manufactured with care, so it is important that it is well cared for itself. There are several parts that are intertwined and may require technical repair. Damage should be avoided at all cost.

When are people buying this item?

It is common for these items to be purchased in the fall, when the season is in for many game that is targeted. That being said, this can be a great gift for any time of the year, especially for birthdays. Maybe you have a loved one that hints at needing new equipment, enjoys the outdoors life or has always wanted to hunt. These are all great indications that a compound bow is an appropriate gift.

Why do people get this?

People need new equipment for many reasons. First, it can be important for you to stay up with the latest and greatest technologies available on the market. The manufacturers of these products are always coming out with new ideas, inventions and features that set apart their inventory of items. Some people research the companies specifically to understand what is now possible in the hunting world. If you have something in mind, don't hesitate to reach us to help us understand what you want. The worst scenario is to settle for something that is inferior, if you happen to qualify for a larger credit line or amount. The larger amount might unlock more potential for your purchase today, so be sure to understand the limit available from the finance company if an increase becomes an option.

Other people may feel the need the stay in style with the latest brands and looks. You want to feel confident when you are in the woods, and we get that. This is why we have a selection for you to choose from, but allow you to shop elsewhere for the exact product you might want. Please make a note in the application, send us an email follow up or even call us if you have a special or custom request.

Tell me how I can proceed with your company

We make it easy to apply with our online portal. We strive to make your experience as fast and pain free as possible. We look to improve our systems as much as possible to keep up with the ever changing technologies. We have recently made changes so you are able to view and apply using your smartphone.

The best way to apply is finding the product you need, and hit the apply now button on that individual product page. If you are interested in other products we have to offer, we welcome you to browse around and find something else that might be a better fit at this time. We are a small business that looks to help you with any financing needs. We may not be able to do everything, however, we can finance many products. Make us aware of anything you don't see on our website, and we will try our best to fulfill your order.