Purchase Fishing and Boating Equipment

Fishing Pole Finance

We can help you with Fishing Pole Finance as low as $48.00. If you are in the market for a new product, we are here for you. We find companies that want to offer terms including interest rates, the number of payments and any conditions. There isn’t much better than being prepared for the fishing season with a new rod and reel!

Rent to Own Trolling Motor

When you need a Rent to Own Trolling Motor, use ShopEZCredit. There is nothing better than getting on your boat. But you need quality accessories to move around the water and do so somewhat discretely. Our payment plans will give you options to spread your payments over time, rather than needing to fork out money now.

Rent to Own Fish Finder

ShopEZCredit offers a program for Rent to Own Fish Finder products. This is a great option if you don't want to pay for the item in full with cash.

Fish Finder

We specialize in Fish Finder Financing, with approval rates as high as 75%. Many of these products are expensive, when you want a high quality item. In addition, you've likely spent money on many other items such as your boat, accessories, trailer or vehicle. If you need a partner you can trust, turn to us. We have items on our website, but feel free to apply if you don't see what you want. We are likely able to get your desired item or something comparable.

Trolling Motor

If you are in need of Trolling Motor Financing, please check out our website. We have a selection of items readily available for purchase and we will help you get a specific monthly payment. This item can be well within your reach.

More information about fishing and boating items

Fishing and boating items are an enjoyable part of life. Many people spend time in both activities, while others may only dabble in one. Either way, getting on the water is usually a wonderful experience.

Fishing products can be a critical item for your adventure. Many people will be able to afford small ticket items, but what about deep sea fishing poles? These purchases will add up over time, so don't be afraid to use financing tools available for you.

Fish finders have become essential for identifying locations of prime spots. They can be for looking for signs of game fish, schools and pockets of bait fish or targeted species, and last to zero in on vegetation or underwater debris that needs your attention. Take one of the most frustrating aspects of fishing away with this product!

Boating activities are fun and exciting. A new, quality trolling motor can be essential for your expeditions. A trolling motor is usually attached to the front of a smaller boat to quietly move around on water. The reason trolling motors are used is due to lake/pond/reservoir restrictions, small water bodies, nearby land or areas with sticks/debris that can damage a traditional motor and areas for fishing where you want to be discrete in your movements in order to avoid scaring/spooking fish. Be sure to have good battery life (or a backup battery) when getting on the water so you aren’t left stranded.

Who buys this stuff anyway?

These products are designed for people needing boating or fishing equipment. This may include individuals who enjoy the outdoors, or businesses that engage in this activity everyday. You may be someone that is chartering ocean fishing excursions, river fishermen looking for catfish or companies wanting to cruise around guests in return for a fare. Any of these situations are ones that we can help with.

Where are you supposed to store these products?

Fishermen and boaters use these items when on the water. However, it is important to store everything properly. It is usually advisable to keep everything from extreme temperatures, whether it is cold or heat. It can cause devices or mechanics to fail/break/corrode. Many people will keep these products in their boats, while others will store them in a garage or storage shed. Be sure to check out our webpages for some of these products.

Why should I get quality items?

All people need good equipment to get the job and tasks completed in a timely manner. If you only purchase cheap items, it is likely you will need to repurchase materials, parts or items altogether. Avoid this situation and avoid costly mistakes. Do your homework on the essential needs you have. This way, the features you have will be the right fit. As always, don't hesitate to call us if you need help with something we don't have on our website. Feel free to email us with a website link for what you've seen so we can get your application started. Many times we need to communicate with our underwriters about serial numbers, year, makes and models of the items of your choice.

How has ShopEZCredit been able to help people like me?

ShopEZCredit is ready to help you navigate the complexities of your financial decisions. It is not easy to get all the answers you need before making decisions. It can be especially tricky if you've had late payment or other financial situations that concern traditional lenders. We've been in business for 20 years and we regularly review customer documents, paychecks and financial/bank statements. We know what lenders are looking for and regularly keep up with their lending guidelines.

When should I consider sending you my information?

It is always a great time to get started with ShopEZCredit! Many people purchase fishing equipment during the spring and summer season, however, you can find great deals during the fall and winter. As always, save us on your favorites to come back at the time that is best for you. Keep in mind that you can get started in the application process, so that when you are ready to get your product, this is already out of the way. It can take a few days for your application to be processed, so don’t wait until the last minute to get our information to us. The sooner you get the process started, the earlier we can get your product shipped to you.