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Greetings and welcome to our Basketball Hoop Financing webpage, with bi-weekly payments as low as $47.00. We can help you get the product you need quickly and shipped to your home address! See a few of our products below and check our full selection if you need to see other models we might have.

Basketball Hoop Payment Plan

We are a company that can help find a Basketball Hoop Payment Plan for people, and payments can be as low as $47.00. We've helped many customers that struggle to find options other than paying in cash or credit card.

What do you get with this product?

This product will typically come with the main pole structure, the backboard, rim and net. There are several other bolts, nuts and screws that come with it as well. You will want to review the details page to see if any additional items are included or if options are available. The additional items might include a hand crank for lowering the goal or wheels for rolling the product. The optional features might include an updated backboard material, breakaway rim or padding for the main pole structure.

People who enjoy this product

This product is great for kids or adults. Many people enjoy playing basketball on their free time. The child may be involved in a school or competitive basketball league. Or the child may enjoy the game and want to play in their free time. This product tends to entice neighborhood friends to show up to play. Adults may be involved in a local league or enjoy getting outside for fresh air. It can also be helpful for Middle or High School competitive players, as they need to fine tune their game.

About Basketball

The game of basketball can be individual or team play. An individual can practice, while teams can be formed to have competition. Many neighbors, friends or family can join in for a friendly game as well.

Businesses or Non-Profits

A business entity may be interested in buying this product as well. It can be a great idea for a new employee benefit or break time activity. A non-profit, campground or parks department might even want to have this product for the enjoyment for their community.


A basketball goal is very fun for many people. The exercise you can get from playing basketball isn't boring or bland. It is a great way to be outside and burn calories.

More details about the sport

The game of basketball is typically played indoors. That being said, many people play outdoors as well. The main difference is that competitive school or travel teams will play inside to remove any weather elements from the game of play. This can include wind and rain. Indoor play can also make fans more comfortable. Outdoor competition can be just as fun, and many tournaments are played outside as well. It is best to have a flat surface, such as a driveway, so the player can dribble and run without obstacles.

What will I find myself doing with this product?

People who buy this product will probably find themselves shooting free throws, layups and jumpshots. It may be fun to play games like horse, knockout and around the world. You can even practice using virtual reality by downloading and paying for an app called HomeCourt. HomeCourt is not affiliated with ShopEZCredit, so be sure to read and understand any fees, charges or other terms and conditions that may apply when using their app. This was provided for information purposes only.

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Location of the product

The product is usually installed near a driveway or concrete pad. This product might be installed in the front or back yard. You will want to read the instruction manual to understand the best place to install the unit. Also be sure to investigate any federal, state or local ordinances with your government offices and neighborhood association. The directions will be provided with your purchase, and it is important to read everything completely. The installation instructions should detail the concrete you will need to put into the ground. This concrete will help stabilize the goal and ensure it has a strong foundation. If you don't want to install concrete, we have goals that allow you to fill the base with water or sand instead. This option can be much easier and can allow you to move the product from one area to another. It can also be a great product if you aren't wanting to put something permanent in your yard.

When should I get a goal?

Now is the time to replace the outdated goal you have around the house or apartment. You will want to research the time of the year to set concrete, as the summer and warmer months may be better for this installation. Keep in mind that you might also consider hiring a licensed contractor to install the goal.

Gift Idea?

A basketball goal is a fantastic gift idea for your children or family member. It can provide many memories and a lifetime of pleasure. This investment is essential for young talent looking to improve their game. It is important for families looking to entertain guests and friends. Either way, it is great fun for anyone looking to install this product on their property.

Explain what ShopEZCredit does

ShopEZCredit finds products to sell. We also find people who want or need this product, but can't get it on their own. It is usually because the individual does not want to use cash or savings to buy it. Instead, ShopEZCredit provides financing options to their clients, and uses established connections with banks or finance companies to lend money. We bridge the gap for you and consult you on your purchase.