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You have found our website for Rent to Own Drums as low as $60.00 every bi-weekly payment. Welcome and please look around for something you might like. We take pride in our ability to deliver these products to your home, with no shipping charge. We have traditional drum sets as well as electronic drum sets.

Drum Set Financing with Bad Credit

We offer financing through our banking and financial institution partners for Drum Set Financing with Bad Credit as low as $60.00 per payment. We can also offer financing if you have a good credit score. Either way, we will help you avoid the heavy up front costs that are usually required to obtain these products. It is now more affordable than ever, and we can find options for just about any financial situation. We will do the hard work for you, to get you an interest rate, length of payments and terms/conditions. It won't be long and you will be opening the new products at your residence!

Why do people get drum sets?

Drums are a sophisticated musical instrument that is used to create sound for rhythm and beats. They are played in many different types of bands and orchestras. This may include marching bands, concert bands and symphony orchestras or choirs. The sound of the drums can produce a foundation for many types of music, including rap, hip hop, classical, jazz, R&B, contemporary, religious, EDM, rock and others.

A typical drum set will include the high hat symbols, snare drum, the bass drum, tom-tom drums and cymbals. Accessories you might need to purchase are the drum seat, drum sticks, additional cymbals, music stands, bass pedal, and cymbal stands. You may also want to have additional accessories available, such as nuts and bolts, cymbal pads, the double bass pedal, tuning key and drum brushes. If you will be traveling, you may need drum cases as well.

Playing the drums can be a costly endeavor for the beginner. However, with proper care and over time, you can accumulate the necessary items that experienced and well established drummers have. We are able to get you started with the basic necessities to start learning to playing.

New to learning the drums? No problem!

People begin playing the drums for a number of reasons. First, you may have a dream to become a music star. You might imagine your dream job being on the road playing concerts, being in a band or even teaching lessons for a living. This drum set will be your first set to get you started. Next, you may need to replace your existing set. This could be due to normal tear and wear of your existing drum set, you may have scratches or dents that do not look appealing or you may have broken pieces that are too difficult to replace or repair. Next, you may be looking for that perfect gift for a family member. This can be a very cool idea for a birthday or Christmas present!

Different ways to pay for this product

Many people decide to pay for a drum set with their available cash. Others may use a credit card or loan to finance the purchase. Next, you might be able to get money from family or other band members to chip in for the cost of the equipment. If you aren’t able to get standard financing in the marketplace, maybe it is time to try us! We are a unique small business that is usually able to find options to finance your new drum set. We will be glad to review your application and information to see what we can do for you.

There is a vast number of people who play drums

Drums can be used by many people. This might include being a drummer for the music at your churches. You could be a member of the local marching band. You may be involved in a start-up neighborhood band. Or you may just want to play drums on your free time as a hobby. There isn’t too many things as fun as playing drums and playing along with music.

Where do you think I should keep this product in my home?

This can be one of the most difficult concerns to deal with. This product requires a fairly large storage space in your home or apartment. Many people are able to leave the product at the location venue. Either way, it is important to think ahead and understand where you will play and store this item. Many people find it most comfortable to keep the items in a basement, dedicated music room or garage setting. However, you should also consider the temperature and weather elements that can factor in to the sound and performance of the product. It is usually advisable to keep these items in a temperature controlled environment to ensure damage is not done to the unit or accessories. Again, you may want to consider the option of storage cases if you plan to travel or store away the items for a long period of time.