Guitar Financing

Guitar Rent to Own

Search our website for Guitar Rent to Own programs. We offer Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars. Our bi-weekly payment plan as low as $49.00 is flexible for your budget and can meet your needs for the interest rate and term.

Buy Now Pay Later Guitars

Our program is designed for Buy Now Pay Later Guitars (as low as $49.00 per 2 weeks). This means you will need to make a payment to get started, however, you won't need to pay all up front. Find something you like below or on our other musical instrument pages and apply now to get started!

Who are guitars made for?

You may need to get a guitar for many reasons. First, you may not currently have an instrument to use. It could be that you are borrowing one from a friend, renting from local store or you haven’t ever owned an instrument. Next, you may prefer a new guitar because you aren’t happy with the current sound or looks of the one you have now. You may be looking for the latest and greatest models. Last, the current guitar you have may not be working correctly. It may cost too much to repair the item, or it could be cracked or broken beyond repair. If it is an older model, it may be impossible to find the right parts for replacement.

Where can I put this item?

This type of product is easily stored in your home. It shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as the cold or heat. The product can be easily be moved from location to location. The best way to do this is to get a guitar bag or case. This gives the item needed padding and protection from outside elements, other products in your vehicle or a lockable feature to prevent unauthorized access.

Other accessories

Additional items you might want to consider purchasing with this instrument is a strap to hold it in place when standing, amplifier, amplifier stand, music stand, cables to connect the product to the amplifier and pedals to alter the sound. Other accessories might include backup/replacement strings, picks, customized parts, capo, diagonal cutting pliers, tremolo arm or slide.