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Rent to Own Tablet

Thank you for visiting our website for our Rent to Own Tablet program ($55.00 is lowest possible pricing). The tablet payment plans we offer range from as low as $45.00 bi-weekly to as low as $56.00 bi-weekly. This means you will make consistent payments every 2 weeks to satisfy your contract. You will need to refer to your contract to understand how many payments you will need to make and any other terms or conditions that may apply.

Finance a Tablet with Bad Credit

If you are looking to Finance a Tablet with Bad Credit, you have come to the right place with the lowest possible pricing of $55.00. We have Bad Credit iPad® Financing and iPad Pro® Financing Bad Credit. View a couple of our products below, or see Our Entire Gallery for further pictures and pricing. Then apply to get instant approvals for quick and speedy service.

Latest features

Some of the latest features of the tablets on our website include Micro Card Readers, Office 365 Personal® 1 year included, Quad-Core processors, Mini Display Ports, Rear-Facing and Front-Facing Cameras and strong battery life. The screen sizes range from 9.7 inches to 17.3 inches. The hard drives range from 32GB to 256GB. Be sure to review the details on the product page to understand the specifications of each device.

The people who use tablets can vary

People that use tablets can range widely. Tablets are a great tool for people on the go. They are easy to handle and just about anyone can hold them up on their own. It is important to have strong protective casing so you are able to avoid damage or screen cracking. The touchscreen is helpful for everyone with simplified controls and fewer buttons on the outside of the unit. Tablets are great to use for people who need to keep track of checklists or work with checkboxes. It can also be a great tool to obtain signatures on the screen with stylist pen or even with fingers. Employees that are in a field environment, coaches or even retail stores can benefit from tablet use.

More about the product

A tablet is a versatile unit that but can also have powerful processing speed. This product is similar to a laptop, because it has a screen built in to the unit. The main difference is that the tablet has a touchscreen, where a laptop will have a keyboard attached. This means that a tablet is great for watching TV shows on Netflix, live streaming your favorite sports, or downloading movies for kids. Apps and software programs can be designed especially for tablets.

Uniqueness of this item

The size of the product is also helpful. The small size can be folded up with the case and carried in a zipper notebook or held along with books. The casing may have a stand, so it can be stood up and watched from a short distance. You may want to plug in headphones to the product or connect Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your entertainment to the full.

This device should be protected

Tablets can be moved around just about anywhere. The main thing you need to pay attention to is extreme warm/cold weather and rainy conditions. These conditions might damage the product and deem it unusable.

What has caused this product to become popular?

Tablets have become increasing popular in the past few years. There are many reasons for this, but the Apple IPAD significantly increased the popularity of this type of device with the apps available and games. The newest devices are lighter, more durable and thinner than ever before.

Why should I use your company?

ShopEZCredit is here for you. We offer unconventional channels to finance your purchases. We spend time identifying and analyzing several finance companies we’ve found that are interested in helping people. Most of these companies are ok with unfavorable credit situations, which means they may rely on other information we can show them for their underwriting models. That being said, we do need to have access to your credit report and review your past payment histories with other companies you’ve done business with. We do take this into account, such as collections, liens, judgements or bankruptcies you’ve experienced. Don’t let your past history keep you from applying though. We will do our best to get your application approved, regardless of your situation. Help us by sending in up to date and accurate information about yourself and your financial situation. If it makes sense for all parties involved, you will soon have the tablet you need. It is important to understand your financing contract, so read this document in its entirety and feel free to ask us any questions that may arise. We want to be an important resource for you in this process.

How can I get started?

The first thing you will want to do is look around on our website for what you want to get. Keep in mind that you can also propose to get something outside our website, and we will submit your application with the product you desire or something similar. Click the apply now button on our website so you can provide the information about the product you want and the basic customer information we request. We will submit your application to the finance company we feel can best serve your needs and desires. We should hear back instantly on your approval status. We do have some that are not approved, however, we don’t have a business if we aren’t able to get approvals for our customers. We work hard to find options for you, and get back to you as soon as possible. Please note we may have delays at times, due to a high number of recent applications, information requests from finance companies or if your application comes in after working hours. We are a small family run business, so we do our best to be responsive and get answers immediately. From here, we should have paperwork ready for you to sign and you are on your way to success. The shipping on our products is free for most states, so you can expect your product to be delivered quickly and efficiently. But that’s not the end of our relationship! We are always available if you have concerns or inquiries about your contract. In addition, our website is open for additional business needs you may have in the future. Come back and visit frequently, and be sure to inform your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about our services.