Purchase a Laptop

Rent to Own a Laptop

We have a program designed to Rent to Own a Laptop (installment as low as $52.00). We will spend time with you to develop a laptop payment plan. This will allow you to make bi-weekly payments instead of paying in full with your own cash. We specialize in finding beneficial financing programs with reasonable interest rates and annual percentage yield rates. If you are struggling to get Lease to Own Laptop financing at stores, Give Us a Try! We look forward to providing customer service to you and note that we have higher than normal approval acceptances.

Laptops with Bad Credit

ShopEZCredit exists to help find Laptops with Bad Credit for you as low as $52.00 installments. We spend time looking for quality banks and finance companies that are comfortable offering finance payments so you can Buy Laptop with Bad Credit or electronics. We want to be your one stop shop for any electronic product you are looking to purchase.

Who uses laptops?

Laptops are designed for people on the go. The sleek look and feel is an excellent option to keep your workspace as minimal as possible, or to have the ability to easily transport your computer from place to place. Some people need a laptop for work. Others might be interested in leisure activities, such as visiting websites for information. Another individual might want a laptop to play some of the leading computer games for fun and enjoyment. These products are great for any age group, including teenagers, adults or seniors. The main group of people that may not be good for this product is children. These items can be dropped or pulled off a table. If this happens, the screen can break or the computer can become damaged. So it may be best for children to have a desktop computer, where they mainly handle a keyboard and mouse. Either way, it is up to you to decide what works best for your needs and budget!

Benefits of this product

Laptops are becoming standard computers with very similar hardware and software as other related devices. Laptops are more versatile than desktops. However, desktops can be more powerful. A laptop has a screen connected to the keyboard area and the screen will fold down to become more compact. The actual computer components are located below the keyboard, which may include the motherboard, video card, cables, power supply, RAM and hard drive. Laptops usually connect to the internet with WIFI signals, however, may also have a LAN connection to internet with a CAT5 or similar cord.

Are other options available?

Laptops do come with certain limitations. Some laptops may be available with very high processing power and video cards. But in general, you typically need to spend more money to get the latest technologies in a laptop compared to a desktop. A laptop may have a connection for external monitors. But your main monitor is usually the screen that comes with the laptop. Desktop computers can be connected to external monitors, and can be changed out with larger, brighter or crisper screens as new technology comes out. Last, when something is broken in a laptop it can be more costly to repair or replace the damaged item.

Tablets compared to Laptops

Laptops are slightly different than tablets. Laptops have a keyboard for typing, touchpad for use as a mouse and other components connected. Tablets will rely heavier on a touch screen, and may have a separate detached keyboard and mouse. Tablets may not have the ability to load standard windows programs (.exe files), but rather depend on apps in the Apple or play store.

Work from anywhere

A major benefit of a laptop is the ability to disconnect a power cord and work from a battery. This product can be moved just about anywhere! Why is this important? A traditional desktop computer is stationary and only allows for a very limited range of workspace. A laptop opens up the world for what you need to accomplish. You might need to connect to a usb device down the hall. Or go to the outside workplace to collect data. Last, you may just be interested in typing a report outside on the patio. These opportunities are available with a purchase of a laptop!

When do people purchase this item?

Laptops are purchased throughout the year. Many laptops are purchased around Christmas time for gifts. Many laptops are purchased when new computer games are released, and new equipment is needed. Other people purchase laptops when their current equipment is running too slow or not able to meet the minimum requirements for certain computer programs.

Other uses of this product

People purchase laptops for a number of reasons. You may need a computer to browse the internet for Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram® or other social media websites. Next, people use computers to write reports, especially with programs like Microsoft Word® or Excel®. Last, you may have custom software for your business that needs to be installed and properly used for your daily productivity.

What does your company do?

ShopEZCredit is ready and willing to help you find financing terms for you. We have several lenders we use to find approvals for your credit situation. You may have good credit, poor credit or bad credit. Let us have an opportunity to find terms, bi-weekly payment amounts and interest rates which make sense for you.


Our laptops range from as low as $47.00-$95.00 every two weeks. We have both Microsoft Windows® based computers and Apple Mac® based computers.


Features can range from screen sizes of 13 inches to 17.3 inches. Some laptops have fingerprint readers or touchscreen monitors. Other laptops have DDR4 RAM, Solid State hard drives, backlit keyboards and USB C plugs. Some batteries can last up to 12 hours. The brands we carry are HP®, Acer®, MacBooks® and LG®.

What else do you finance?

ShopEZCredit has many other products available on our website. Visit our webpage for TV Financing Bad Credit and our Rent to Own iPhone. We have several other products such as Rent to Own Engagement Rings, Fridge Freezers on Finance with Bad Credit, Power Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds For Sale, Earrings and Bracelets. We appreciate the opportunity to help you, and please bookmark our webpage to visit us again in the future.