Rent to Own Refrigerator

Fridge Freezer on Finance with Bad Credit

ShopEZCredit is here to help you get a new Fridge Freezer on Finance with Bad Credit as small as $58.00. We understand you may not have the ability to outright purchase a product with cash, which is why we have a rent to own refrigerator and lease to own refrigerator program. We work with high quality lenders to obtain the fridge financing you need, and get your product with nearly no credit check. We find reasonable interest rates and APY rates that are better than average rent to own refrigerator companies.

Finance Refrigerator Bad Credit

Our Finance Refrigerator Bad Credit pricing will be as low as $58 to as low as $224 per payment. The payments are setup on a bi-weekly basis. So you will be making a payment every two weeks. This allows you to have flexibility in your budget, as well as provides consistent payments to the finance companies. You will want to apply now and we will gather details to provide more information on how long you will need to make those payments. We can also find out about your interest rate and annual percentage yield. These details will help you understand more about your specific scenario.

Lease to Own Refrigerator

When you are needing a refrigerator, the last thing you want to think about is using all your money to buy it outright. That is why ShopEZCredit is here to help. Our lease to own refrigerator program is structured with you in mind, and require bi-weekly payments on most contracts. Our lenders require credit checks, but we can obtain more approvals than typical stores.

Cost of refrigerators

The costs of refrigerators are becoming more expensive, as new features exist and we desire to keep up with technology. This is where we can help. When you have extra cash for these purchases, it is great! However, many of us aren’t thinking ahead to set aside thousands of dollars if and when we need to purchase a refrigerator. We may need a new refrigerator when the current one can be fixed, we move to a new apartment or living area, we have a need for a 2nd unit in our home or we have another vacation property or work location. ShopEZCredit is ready to guide you through the shopping experience, along with our trained team to make financing easy for you.

Why you need a new refrigerator

Refrigerators are an essential part of your home, apartment or kitchen area. Refrigerators typically have a cold section or department, essential for storing items like milk, eggs and cheese. Most refrigerators have another door or chamber for a freezer. The freezer is designed to keep items below freezing temperatures, such as meats, ice cream, meals and ice.

Additional Features, such as ice machines

Another feature in many refrigerators is the ice machine. The ice machines can be housed in the door or in the unit itself, at the top or bottom of the inner chamber. Ice machines can help you from keeping your own ice in containers, which requires filing in advance and is easy to forget. This feature uses your main water line, typically installed by a plumber or contractor. The ice machine can also allow you to get ice that is broken down into chips, chunks or possibly even other styles such as nuggets. The water line is also used to dispense out drinking water into your cup after pushing a switch button.

Styles of refrigerators

You can match your kitchen styles when purchasing your unit. A main concern for buyers is the dimensions, including the height, depth, width and weight. Also keep in mind that variation exists with keypad/controls, display styles and advanced features such as music controls. Refrigerators can now be connected to wifi, controlled by cell phones, temperature alerts, locking features, modify temperature controls and even brew Keurig® refreshments.


Don’t take our word for it. Patty from Nebraska states “Service is great from ShopEZCredit. The team is knowledgeable about the latest and greatest products on the market, and found what I was looking for with my refrigerator.”

These are the kind of stories we want to be told about our business. We take pride in good old-fashioned customer service where you are treated fairly. You may be tired of companies pushing you around, not giving you the time of day or not returning phone calls. This is where we excel and put the needs of our customers as our priority.

Why buy new?

Choose from leading brands when selecting your item. Each company tends to have unique styles and features that are relevant for your lifestyle. Some companies are located in the US, while other may only manufacture in the US and/or be located around the globe. Don’t depend on cheap, knock off products from unknown manufacturers. Used or worn products that need repair can actually cause you more headache in the long run, more money than expected and unknown quality or history of the former buyer. A refrigerator is a staple of your kitchen, where memories are shared by posting pictures on it and it is always in the view of guests. ShopEZCredit provides new products that are shipped directly to you.

Spend time before you buy

This product is an important purchase, which is unlike some things you buy. If the current product you are using is not properly working, it may cause many health concerns due to bacteria build up, food contaminants or cause electrical fires. Have peace of mind and keep your family safe! It is time to upgrade to the latest technologies, engineering standards and Energy efficiencies. Many individuals can save money on monthly electric bills by purchasing quality new home products.

Other helpful information

Be sure to thoroughly clean your unit with acceptable sanitation substances and maintain a regular schedule in doing so. The unit will not only look great, but will last longer without nasty build up over time. Be sure to read the instruction manual for what is needed regarding space around the unit for any proper ventilation needed. It is also important to regularly check behind the unit for any missing items that may have dropped behind from a countertop or if water is leaking for some reason. As always, pay close attention to these matters after new purchases to ensure you aren’t noticing any concerns or problems that may arise. It is also important to have your contractor look at the flooring in the area where your unit will be stored, before installation. This way, if any concerns are present (such as floor damage), this can be adequately addressed before setting up the unit.

Apply now

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People who might need a refrigerator

A refrigerator will come in handy for anyone that is looking to keep food or supplies cool and frozen. This can be for someone that stays home most of the day. Or this can be for someone that works and is away from the residence a majority of the day. A person may be retired, unemployed, disabled, a renter, a homeowner or many other scenarios. As you can see, just about everyone needs a refrigerator. It may not even be for you, but for those who are helping prepare meals for you or someone who brings food to your residence.

What can you put in a refrigerator

A refrigerator can store many items. These include eggs, milk, juice, fruit, vegetables, meat, water, cheese, salad dressings and even leftovers or medicines. The freezer section of the product can store ice, frozen meals, frozen meat and ice cream. The settings in the refrigerator can allow you to raise or lower the temperature, which can depend on your personal preference or the items you are storing.

When is the last time you were shopping for a refrigerator?

We do our best to find modern and popular products and brands for our website. Be sure to search our pages and find the refrigerator that is right for you. Many features, styles and selections exists. So don’t be scared to spend extra time writing down ideas of what you need and get the product you most desire. Do you have something in mind that we don’t have on our website? Please submit your application, and provide us the website or year/make/model of the item you are thinking about purchasing. Our customer service team will work diligently to ensure you have a quality product you are wanting!

Benefits of a refrigerator

You can spend your time scrolling through ads or visiting stores to find something you need. But nowadays, online shopping is an excellent alternative! You can save time and money by avoiding lines, pushy salespeople and even paying for gas. ShopEZCredit has what you are looking for, all at affordable pricing. Our process is to finance the equipment you are looking to buy, so apply now and we can’t wait to speak with you.

Can I get more information?

We have several brands available for our refrigerators for sale with a refrigerator payment plan. A key feature is design, especially counter depth refrigerators. Most refrigerators have a french door (as known as two door) style design, where handles pull out doors on the right and left sides. This leaves openings inside the doors toward the back of the unit, as well as storage areas inside the doors themselves. Some designs have freezers and ice makers at the bottom, so that the side by side doors on the top are both for the refrigerator. The bottom door is the freezer door. Finally, some of the simple designs have a one door opening, where one handle is opened and greater shelf space exists in the door itself. The one door opening is more typical when no freezer exists in the unit. There are many colors to choose from. The leading styles are stainless steel, black, white, and slate models.