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Finance Washing Machine

Enjoy our selection and browse our e-commerce store to find the item to finance a washing machine for you as low as $54.00. We carry Whirlpool, Maytag, Speed Queen, Kenmore, Samsung and LG machines. Check out our washing machine sale page or dryers for sale and get them delivered fast! We help people get a washing machine on finance. This means finding lenders that are ready and willing to setup bi-weekly payment plans to obtain new items for your home. When you have no other options to turn to, ShopEZCredit will do the work for you. Look around for the item you desire and contact us to get the process started!

Washer Machine Bad Credit

No worries. We've helped many people, just like you. Bad credit, no credit or challenged credit situation? Apply or call us today so you can get started and get the deal you are looking for. When you are looking for a washing machine bad credit (starting payments can be as low as $54.00), look to ShopEZCredit for help.

Finding a washing machine can be difficult

Not any more! We are here for you. We will work to get you the item you need as fast as possible. Repairs can take some time, and may be frustrating to do it yourself. Instead, a new washing machine is ready and in stock from our website to get you up and running asap.

Why purchase a new washing machine?

Washing Machines are an important part of life. These units are the first part of the cleaning process for clothing, accessories and other items around the home. Washing machines are used before a drying machine. The unit is typically stored in a basement, secluded area in your home or apartment, in a garage or in a shared space in the living areas. It is much more convenient to have equipment on your property, rather than traveling to the laundry mat or other areas for cleaning. It can help save a tremendous amount of time, money and help you avoid frustration.

Newer Washer Model Features

The newer model washing machines have features such as large digital displays, locking lids and no middle agitators. Some also have steam cycles, automatic load balancing and automatic temperature control. Be sure to shop around and find all the features you need.

Before installation

Take extra precaution when installing these units. Ensure to read the owner’s manual as a reference for instructions and step by step processes needed. It is especially important to watch the first loads ran, to ensure no water leakage is occurring and that the unit is properly working. If you are installing yourself, be sure to call a licensed contractor if the job becomes too difficult.

Why buy new?

No more fighting with your current washer! It is time to buy a new one, with the most up to date technology and settings. It is becoming more and more difficult to maintenance old washers due to lack of part availability. Used washers available are difficult to find, may not work properly and likely have exterior damage such as dents. Buy new to get peace of mind and to be excited about buying a unit that will make you proud.

ShopEZCredit is here for you

Don’t give in to high pressure sales tactics that many other companies use to get your business. We rely on personal contact with you, so that we can understand your wants, desires and needs. This relationship helps us gather the information we need to provide the lenders we work with. We work fast on your application, so you get the products you want as soon as possible.