Rent To Own Dryer

Dryers on Credit

Let ShopEZCredit give you assistance when you need it the most! Our rent to own and lease to own dryer programs are designed to help credit challenged individuals who may get turned down from traditional financing. Don’t let this happen again, turn to the experts who are knowledgeable and ready to discuss your particular dryers on credit situation. We’ve helped many people with the same concerns, whether it be no credit, bad credit or worried about credit checks. We understand what it takes to get you approved, rather than being turned down for dryers on credit or relying on your own money to spend on these units.

Bad Credit Dryers

Our Dryers For Sale page include major brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Speed Queen, Kenmore, Samsung and LG. ShopEZCredit can help you get setup on a bi-weekly payment plan for the bad credit dryer you want to get. The last thing you want to do is laundry away from your premises. You may need to stay up late to study for an exam, to put your children to bed or be eager to watch Netflix or a TV show. Now you will be able to get your laundry done and do all the other tasks or enjoy the things you love. No more quarter machines and wasting money when you could own the dryer yourself!

Why purchase a dryer?

Drying Machines are a necessary home purchase. The dryer is usually the second part of the cleaning procedure for clothing, accessories and other items around your home. Dryers used after a washing machine. The unit is typically stored in a basement, secluded area in your home or apartment, in a garage or in a shared space in the living areas. It is much more convenient to have equipment on your property, rather than traveling to the laundry mat or other areas for cleaning. It can help save a tremendous amount of time, money and help you avoid frustration.

Don't waste your money on used equipment

No more fighting with your current dryer! It is time to buy a new one, with the most up to date technology and settings. It is becoming more and more difficult to maintenance old washers due to lack of part availability. Used washers available are difficult to find, may not work properly and likely have exterior damage such as dents. Buy new to get peace of mind and to be excited about buying a unit that will make you proud.

Colors available

These dryers are designed with you in mind. They are more stylish than ever, with many colors to choose from. This includes white, gray, black and slate. The loading styles are either with a door on the top or on the front. In addition, many of them have clear doors for being able to view the load and be certain it is working properly.

Newest features

The newer models of dryers have features such as large digital displays and locking lids. Some also have automatic load balancing and automatic temperature control. Be sure to shop around and find all the features you need.


"Allie has been very helpful and I appreciate the effort. You got me approved for financing and delivered my dryer right to my door. I will definitely use your site again. "

Michael - Ohio

Small business feel

Don’t give in to high pressure sales tactics that many other companies use to get your business. We rely on personal contact with you, so that we can understand your wants, desires and needs. This relationship helps us gather the information we need to provide the lenders we work with. We work fast on your application, so you get the products you want as soon as possible.

Help on installation information

Take extra precaution when installing these units. Ensure to read the owner’s manual as a reference for instructions and step by step processes needed. It is especially important to watch the first loads ran, to ensure that the unit is properly working. If you are installing yourself, be sure to call a licensed contractor if the job becomes too difficult.

What you need to know about shipping and buying online

Shipping is free of charge and these items are delivered to you. No need to go to a physical store, hassle with salespeople on commission or think about transporting the machine on your own. It’s easier than ever to buy online, and our websites are secure.