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Rent to Own Desktop PC

Thank you for visiting our website for consideration of a Rent to Own Desktop PC. The pricing is as low as $75.00 for some of the basic models to as low as $84.00 for the higher end models. The lower end models are Windows 10® based computers with full HD. The higher end models are iMac® computers and have Retina 5k displays. Check out our full selection by clicking here or look to get approved for our financing program by clicking on a product detail page. You can also see some of our sample models available below by scrolling down on this page.

Lease to Own Desktop Computer

We help many people that are in need of a computer, with payments as low as $75.00. This can also include Lease to Own Desktop Computers. We've been in business for many years with a focus to find reasonable financing options. Speak with us today on how we can help.

Who normally purchases desktop computers?

This product is helpful for anyone that is interested in having a personal computer in the home or in the office. It may be necessary to have a computer at home for seniors, adults, teenagers or even children. A big reason people purchase these products is for specialized gaming setups.

About these computers

A desktop computer is helpful to have at home when you want to have a dynamic computer at a desk or computer station. This product will need a mouse and keyboard plugged into usb connections. A monitor will need to be purchased to plug into the video card. The computer may have a wireless card, or connect to a router with a CAT 5 cable via a LAN connection. The desktop can have a specialized video card, which usually connects to a monitor with a DVI or HDMI cable. Other video cards will also allow connection with the VGA style monitor cable or even multiple monitor connections.

Advantages of this type of computer

Desktop computers are much easier to customize, upgrade or maintenance. The outside of the computer casing is easily removed with screwdrivers or pliers. You should check your safety manual for precautions to prevent injury, shock or static electricity. Many people use cords designed to be fastened to an item when working on computers to avoid static electricity. Many people are able to find better RAM chips, hard drives, video cards, power supplies and even processors. You would need to be sure the upgraded parts are compatible with your computer, but the ability to upgrade is a very nice aspect of this type of product. You may not have the money to have the exact components you want now, so having the ability to change out a piece of the computer in the near future is a unique reason to get his item.

Mobility is very limited

Desktops are usually not moved, due to the size and lack of versatility the casing brings. The power cord needs to always be connected, since it is not designed to have a battery power the PC on its own. For these reasons, the desktop computers are stationed at a desk or work station. You may be able to have extra room to work with if you have a longer cable or extension. Again, you need to be safe so depend on the manufacturer website or paperwork provided to understand what you might be able to do.

When is the best time to purchase?

It is typical to see more desktops sold when popular new PC games are released or a new update becomes available. These types of games might include Path of Exile®, World of Warcraft®, Fortnite®, League of Legends®, Apex Legends® or Minecraft®. Another time these computers are commonly sold is Christmas or Birthdays when gifts are provided to family members. In an office setting, a business may have recently opened or remodeled, which can equate to new computers being furnished for employee use and satisfaction. There is nothing as frustrating as having an outdated computer, so be sure to invest in something that will meet your needs for years to come.

The importance of having good equipment

It is very important to have an up to date computer. Otherwise, you may have trouble running new applications or websites. The outdated systems typically run very slow, and upgrades are usually not available. We use computers for an ever increasing amount of tasks. This might include checking our bank account balances, paying bills, reviewing credit reports, writing reports with Microsoft Word®, maintaining tables in Microsoft Excel®, using Skype® or other internet phone services, writing and receiving emails and many more. Businesses may need computers to file taxes, communicate to suppliers, run software for a machine, prepare direct deposits for employees and keep inventories. Regardless of your needs, a new, strong and powerful desktop is a great way to become more efficient and productive in your life.

Do your homework

Please review the details of each product to understand what software might come with the computer. If you are in need of additional software, you will need to visit those websites to understand the cost and availability for your needs. Another option is to visit a local store that specializes in office supplies to review the software packages they are selling.

How can ShopEZCredit help me?

ShopEZCredit finds desktop computers that are popular and quality brands to show on our website. Keep in mind that we can look to find other manufacturers or models as well. Feel free to contact us directly to advise us of your specific needs, so we can help you achieve satisfaction. We focus our time on acquiring customers looking for this type of product, and gather details on an application to be reviewed by the finance company underwriters. These underwriters will look at a number of things, but will especially want to understand how they will be paid back for the money that is provided on a rent to own or lease to own contract. The more information you provide, as well as up to date and accurate information, will give you a better chance of approval. You may need to find paperwork to provide or answer additional questions these companies may have. ShopEZCredit is here all along the way, providing assistance and direction for any question you may have!

Latest and Greatest Features

Some of the newest features are all-in-one monitors/desktops, touchscreen technology, SATA hard drives, increased processing power, wireless mouse and keyboards, increased DDR4 RAM and Intel i5® or i7® processors. The colors vary from silver, to icicle silver to black. The screen size can range from to 19.5 to 27 inches. Be sure to check the number of USB ports, HDMI or DVI outputs and the speakers that come with the product.