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We appreciate you visiting our website for our Rent to Own Apple Watch program for a wrist wearable device. The bi-weekly payments are as low as $38.00 for our basic models and as low as $45.00 for the upper end models. We strive to get a quick turnaround with our apple watch financing, to get you setup with payments that fits your needs. We contact banks and finance companies to help you find affordable interest rates and APY rates. Please see below for pictures of the style and designs we have to offer.

Apple Watch® Payment Plan Bad Credit

Apply Now to get started with our Apple Watch® Payment Plan Bad Credit wrist wearable device program. We've helped many individuals get approved for the product they want, even if they have less than favorable credit situations. It's time to get approved! See below for the products we have to offer.


The colors for aluminum cases we offer for the Apple Watch product is Space Gray or Gold. The sports bands are black or pink sand. The model we offer is the Series 4 Apple Watch. The upgraded model comes with GPS + Cellular connectivity, over 30% larger display and optical heart sensors. The speakers are 50% louder and has a 64 bit dual core processor. The basic model we offer has many of the same features listed above. However, it is GPS connectivity only.

Product Details

An Apple watch is an innovative product that has recently been introduced in the United States. The idea is to replace the outdated traditional watch styles, with a new creative and digital screen. This display will now interact with your smartphone, which can bring unparalleled speed and efficiency throughout your day. You don’t want to be looking at your smartphone during a meeting, for instance. Instead, paying attention to your watch will limit distractions in your important business meetings. This also keeps you informed when a major news story hits, an important text message comes in or you receive a long awaited phone call.

Tell me more about this device

These products can be called smart watches. The reason for the name is they are replacing the days of a watch only having the ability to tell time. Some people enjoy the style or design of a traditional watch, but new sleek models are becoming more fashionable every day. It is wonderful to have customizable options with a digital screen. You are able to do many things with this item, such as viewing the current time, view a scrolling marquee of text messages, alert you when phone calls come in, speak into a microphone to communicate or record, listen to music and even browse the internet. You are able to access many of the apps you have on your smartphone, and even connect to your smartphone for controls. No longer will you be a distraction by having your smartphone make noise or vibrate. You won’t need to pull out the smartphone, which could be viewed as ignoring the current situation or person. Finally, you are able to keep your phone in your pocket or purse and may instead view everything conveniently from the angle and distance of your wrist.

Why should I want this product?

Smart watches are purchased to make life more manageable and convenient. The act of pulling your cellphone from a pocket or purse can be burdensome in some situations. You may even need to move to a new location to find your cellphone. No longer will you need to drop the laundry to check your emails. Forget the days of losing your cellphone in the couch and missing calls. It is even possible to avoid usage of your smart phone to stay on the move cutting the grass, typing on computers or cooking/cleaning. You won’t ever want to go back to the way it was before!

How does ShopEZCredit operate?

ShopEZCredit is a small business that has higher than average rent to own company approval rates. We can spend our time focused on your application and product needs. We offer free shipping in most states, and we can help you anytime during the buying experience. We want to be your one stop shop for any purchases available on our website. We offer lawn mowers, engagement rings, livestock equipment, mattresses and more.

Who is this item made for?

Apple watches can be used by nearly everyone. As always, be sure to read the owners-manual and check with your doctor before use. It might be possible that usage of this device would not be recommended for certain people. ShopEZCredit is not an expert in safety, so do not rely on information provided on this website and we do not express or imply any advice or consultation regarding safe usage. Another great resource is the website for the manufacturer. You should find answers to many of your questions and it is likely you will find frequently asked questions from their products pages.

Advanced Apple Watch features

A major benefit from using an apple watch is to provide you data. The device may be able to pickup heart rates and other health related data. This can be excellent when conducting a workout and trying to understand how your body is reacting to the conditions. You might be able to understand how your body is sleeping and if any concerns are arising when you are not physically able to do so. This information might even be given to your doctor for evaluation. Again, we are not medical experts, so you will need to consult your medical doctor regarding tracking your health and the best practices associated with this.

Where is this device worn?

These devices are usually worn on your wrist. The band has different holes so that you are able to customize the size you desire. You may also strap the unit around something else, such as a pole or piece of furniture. Another option would be to remove the straps and connect the unit to Velcro straps or some other sort of customized setup.

When should I get started?

You are able to apply on our website at any time. Don’t hesitate, get the product you are looking for now! We have a secure online application that is easy to complete. Feel free to let us know if you have recommendations, as we are always looking for ways to improve our website. Also, keep us in mind for any of your electronics needs. We have a webpage for a Rent to Own Laptop, Rent to Own Desktops, Rent to Own Tablets, Rent to Own iPhone and Bad Credit Financing for TVs.