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Rent to Own Game Systems

Thank you for visiting our rent to own game systems website. We offer bi-weekly payment plans to help you avoid paying all at once and up front. The PS4® console and Xbox One® console we have now starts at $52.00 per payment.

Game Console Financing Bad Credit

We help people find financing options for the product they are looking to purchase. We are also able to find options for individuals that have bad credit situations. We have an understanding of many credit challenged histories, so look to us to find options that meet your needs. If you need bad credit financing for a gaming console, you have come to the right place with installments as low as $52.00. View a sample of our products below and click on the picture to get more details. If you are interested in taking the next step, click Apply Now and we will ask you to answer several questions to get started. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

PS4® Bad Credit

The PS4® Bad Credit has a 1TB storage and comes with a DualShock wireless controller. This is a slim gaming system. You are able to play online, save your progress online and more with the Playstation Plus membership (sold separately). You can share exciting moments with your friends by recording the game, then sharing to Twitch®, YouTube®, Facebook® and Twitter® with a press of a button. You may want to purchase a mount for the gaming system, which is not included with this package.

Xbox One® on Finance Bad Credit

The Xbox One® on Finance Bad Credit has 40% more power than other consoles. It has 6 teraflops of graphics power for processing. This also has a 4k Blu-Ray player. Games load quickly and run smooth on 1080p televisions.

New and former models

There are many type of gaming consoles in the market. The newest and most popular at this time is the PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch®. The other platform many people are playing is on computers. Former models that were popular is the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Wii U®, Nintendo Wii® and the Xbox 360®.

Which console should I pick?

The major difference between the gaming systems is the feel of the controller. Many people report that they like the look and feel of the PS4 controller. Many others feel the Xbox One has a better feel in their hands when playing. In addition, controllers can be customized or altered by manufacturers to provide gamers a slightly different variation.

What else should I consider?

Another difference is the games provided by the consoles. Many games are only released on a specific gaming system, due to the brand rights of the characters and former game titles. An example of this is the Legend of Zelda® or Mario Brothers® that is only released on Nintendo® products. Many people are not aware that you are able to play the popular game Fortnite® on the PS4® and Xbox One® systems.

More about the basic details of the item

A gaming console is the main unit designed to read game chips or cards. The gaming console is powered by a cord that is to be plugged in to a standard US outlet or socket. The product is designed to handle several inputs from controllers and project the gaming image to a television screen. Some of the consoles can be placed horizontally or vertically on the furniture you have in your home. Some units have the ability for inputs from memory cards, outputs for headphones or usb connections. The typical video and audio output is now the HDMI cable. Controllers can be connected via wired or wireless input. Games are usually sold separately due to the individual preference people have. The consoles usually have the ability to connect to the internet, which opens the world to a serious gamer. It is very easy to connect with friends or other players, which increases the satisfaction and fun you can experience.

Why do people buy this item?

Gaming consoles are usually purchased to have a fun activity during spare time. There isn’t too many things more exciting than to relax after a hard day at work and enjoy a video game. It can both be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Many people likely use video games to reduce stress and anxiety. That being said, it can become an addiction so be sure to take precautions for your health and safety.

ShopEZCredit and our business

ShopEZCredit has been in business for 20+ years helping people just like you. If you’ve been turned down in the past, don’t get down. We have a 75% approval rate for applicants on our website. This is always reassuring that banks and finance companies are willing to negotiate and participate. You may not always get the full amount you have requested, but it is still important to know that you can be approved and having the amount available when you are ready to buy.

Who uses game systems?

Gaming systems can be used by many different people. The wonderful thing about many video games is that you can play, even if you have a hard time reading or hearing. This is very important for people with disabilities, people in the US that don’t know the English language or if someone is too young to understand the words. Obviously, some video games will require cognitive abilities, but many games are very simple and easy to play. Many kids enjoy video games as a hobby. Adults are increasingly enjoy the benefits of playing games in their leisure time. Even seniors can react and respond to activities for video games and can enjoy interacting with others in a controlled environment.

Where should I put this device?

Game consoles can be placed in many places inside your home. The common place is a living room. However, a dedicated game room might be possible for you. Some people are able to put the product in a bedroom and others might have a theatre room. It can be hooked up to small tvs or large tvs as well, you will just want to ensure the tv has an available plug in.

When are people buying these?

Many of these products are purchased around holidays or celebrations. This could be a surprise gift as a reward for kids. Many people purchase this product when new games come out that they are excited to play. If you are interested in getting your product asap, please Apply Now!