Hospital Bed Financing

Renting a Hospital Bed for Home

ShopEZCredit has a selection that can fit your needs for Renting a Hospital Bed for Home. as low as $119.00 per installment. You may be Renting a Medical Bed for individual or business purposes. It is important to Rent Hospital Bed for Home, as they are the best way to help people that are going to be bed-ridden over a period of time. This can all be done in the convenience of your home. Be sure to find our selection of Hospital Beds For Sale and get what you need now.

Rent to Own Hospital Beds

Another area of focus we can help with is Rent to Own Hospital Beds (as low as $119.00 every 2 weeks). This is for individuals that may have less than perfect credit situations. We are very close to a no credit check option, in that we specifically help many people that don’t have great credit for many reasons. We have been in business for many years and are very knowledgeable about these special financing situations. This is a big reason why ShopEZCredit is here for you! We help with Hospital Bed Financing.

How much does it cost to buy a hospital bed?

They have buttons, switches and levers that are helpful for individuals, nurses or doctors that needs to move people around, especially longer hallways, elevators and smaller doorways. These products are able to move headrests, elevate or lower the height of the bed and put on brakes to prevent movement. Certain products have emergency buttons, tv remotes built in, vibration comforts and special hand rests or handles to help prevent falls.

Types of Hospital Beds

It is important to identify the dimensions on each product, to ensure it is right for you. Everything matters, from the weight, height, width and depth. Feel free to search our website for specific brands, designs and colors that will match yours or your client’s lifestyle.

What can your company do to help me?

Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. These are specialized products, and we want to ensure your purchase satisfaction when you are ready to buy. We want to spend time with you on the phone, via email or social media to establish and maintain good contact with our customers.

What do you need help with?

We can help any business, large or small, with their needs. Please also make us aware if you have a special order request, where you might need to submit a bulk quantity order. Keep in mind that we will need to establish an account for you, and the shipping is of significant importance.

Where can I refer someone that needs to get a hospital bed?

We can also help hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care facilities or home health care companies. We know that you want to specialize in the aspects of your business that are important, and this is likely the last thing you want to be dealing with for your clients. Look no further, please refer them to us so we can help! We are a trusted online store, with many happy clients and people who want to work with us.

Who uses hospital beds?

A hospital bed is created for people who need assistance with activities of daily living. You may be recovering from an injury, resting from surgery or disabled temporarily or permanently. Our products can be sold to individuals or businesses. The settings on the beds can be adjustable, to help with individuals that are taller or shorter. It can also help with the ground height or seating adjustments for your body or headrest areas.

More information about this product

A hospital bed is a frame for the cushions and comfort areas. It is important to have a sturdy frame to support the weight of an individual and the accessories that surround the product. Hospital beds can be flexible or collapsible. This can help if you have difficult areas to maneuver around in your residence. It can also be helpful in the times when the bed would need to be moved to different places.

What can your company do differently than others?

You may be able to find hospital beds for sale in many places. But few likely finance the purchase. Then, an even smaller amount of companies will look to finance people that have less than perfect credit. Let us help you! We are knowledgeable in this industry, and want to share our expertise with you. We understand many people looking for a hospital bed are likely injured or sick. Our creative finance programs are designed with you in mind. Please apply today so we can get started for you.

What brands do you carry?

We offer Prime Care, EasyCare and Drive Medical beds.

What is your pricing?

Our beds range from as low as $127.33 bi-weekly to as low as $150.87 bi-weekly. The pricing may be dependent on your application and variables that each finance company evaluates. Please keep in mind these are estimates only, and we need to receive a complete application from you to firm up the bi-weekly details.

Other people benefit from these products as well

Hospital beds are also designed for patient care. Many people that require a hospital bed need care from a doctor or nurses. These beds are designed to help provide greater access to healthcare workers so you can get the quality care you need. Many machines may need to be around a bed. This can be oxygen tanks, oxygen measurement devices, IV bags, nurse’s stations, patient food trays, desks, blood pressure cuffs, metal muscles/bone braces, blood circulation machines or colon/urine devices. You can also have tv remotes or nurse call alerts with wiring.

Where do we ship the item?

Our products are delivered to your residence or business. Please make us aware of the correct shipping address at the time of application. This is especially important if you cannot receive shipments at your main address, or you live elsewhere at the present time.

We provide quick and responsive customer service

Hospital beds are usually purchased when a life altering event occurs. It may be an injury or sickness you’ve sustained. It may be that hospice has been called in. The last thing you want to be thinking about is how to get the product you need for home or business care. If you are struggling to find an option in the market, please consider ShopEZCredit. We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to use our knowledge to get what you need quick and easy. We strive to provide great customer service, and create payment plans that are affordable alternatives to paying in full with cash. We’ve found ways to help many people, even in creative ways. Don’t waste any more time, be sure to review our website in detail and make a lifestyle change that will help you in the long run.