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Golf Cart Ownership

Rent to Own Golf Carts

Shop Our Listings of leading brands for Rent to Own Golf Carts you desire as low as $155.00 per installment. We work to provide the latest technology on our website, so you can easily find the most relevant products you are looking for. Please apply now, and feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Golf Cart Financing Bad Credit

We offer Golf Cart Financing Bad Credit options as low as $155.00 every installment! If you have great credit, we can get you financing at a great rate as well! If your credit score is low, we can likely still get you approved!

Why do people purchase golf carts?

Golf carts are great for many uses. The main use for these motorized vehicles is to get around while playing the game of golf. Golf is a game played by many people in the United States, and one option to move around the course is using a vehicle rather than walking. These vehicles allow for quicker play, help older individuals keep from becoming exhausted and navigate difficult golf courses that have more extreme hills and valleys.

What are other common usages for golf carts?

Other uses for these vehicles includes vacation community transportation, moving equipment or tools around the property or even patrolling events or transportation in larger areas where autos aren’t allowed. Get around quicker with a new Golf Cart! You will enjoy how relaxing it is to drive around and experience less discomfort.


These vehicles are easy to drive than other types of motor vehicles. As always, this is a general guide to explain how easy they are to operate. However, be sure to check the operator’s manual for further clarification and guidance. We are not experts in safety, so it is not advised to follow these specific instructions exactly as presented. It is always best to be mindful and aware of federal, state and local transportation laws before operation. This is especially true for licensing regulations and prior to any road usage.

How these vehicles operate

Ensure the parking brake is applied before starting the engine. This is typically engaged by pressing a small pedal on the larger brake pedal. First, a key is needed for the ignition and turned to the on position. Next, be sure to place the gear in forward position. Then, have the steering wheel in position with the wheels pointed straight ahead and push the accelerator to release the brake. Now, you are ready to press the gas to gain momentum and speed. This is much like driving a car, and when the gas pedal is released the vehicle comes near a stop. Press on the brake to stop and engage the parking brake again to prevent moment of the vehicle after use.

Features and Accessories

Golf carts have many features that can be included. Common features are bucket attachments, four seaters, tow hitches, GPS units and golf club racks. Accessories can include rearview mirrors, cup holders and windshield/cover enclosures. Be sure to spend time when reviewing product details to see what will be best for you.

Which is better - electric or gas?

Some golf carts are electric and require charging of the battery, with a special charging station and cable connection. Other golf carts are gas powered and must be maintained by filling the gas tank and changing the oil.

Styles Available

There is a wide range of styles with these products. Basic carts are designed for golf with two seats, a basic battery and a top cover. Custom carts are available, with frame designs modeled after cars such as Corvettes, Hummers or Escalades.

What if I don't find anything I like?

That's ok! We can still help. Go online and find a Golf Cart you like then fill out our credit application and when we contact you, show us the desired item online, and we will find a way to get what you need.

Why choose us?

We offer financing options to people with credit scores of all kinds! If you have great credit, we can get you financing at a great rate!! If your credit score is low, we can still get you approved!

Consider buying it now!

Click apply to get started. We look forward to speaking with you soon. We have automated some of the next steps in the process, in order to expedite your information and get things moving quickly. We are eager to get your product ordered and delivered as soon as possible. Thanks again for your business, and please refer friends, family or co-workers to our website so we can help them too!