Purchase a Utility Trailer

Rent to Own Utility Trailers

Our Rent to Own Utility Trailers program has bi-weekly pricing as low as $59.00 for the basic model, to a low as $69.00 for our larger model. We will find competitive interest rates and APY (annual percentage yields). The utility trailer payment plan we get you setup for will likely have a fixed payment every two weeks. This way, you know how much to pay and understand the contract provided with our financing program.

Utility Trailer Financing Bad Credit

We have been in business over 20 years, and we understand the credit challenged industry. You may have bad credit, poor credit or no credit. Either way, we can help you succeed. Our approval rates are 75% for applicants and as low as $59.00 every payment with this product. We may not always get the full amount you are looking for, but we usually are able to offer you something that will help you get the product you need. See below for product details, descriptions and pictures for more information on how to Apply Today.

Tell me more about your products

The Karavan trailers we carry have a wood bottom floor and mesh bottom for the back panel tailgate. The basic model we have is 5x10, and the upgraded model is 6x12. These have pivot rail systems with lockable latches. The side rails can be lowered, allowing loading from the sides. The trailers also allow for longer and wider loads. The hitch is 2 inches. The tires are 14 inches.

Spend time researching laws and regulations

Be sure to understand the safety precautions you need to take before using a trailer. In addition, you need to understand the rules, regulations and standards of the Department of Transportation. You may need to search for each State you drive in. Each state may be different, so be sure to question, research and read any material that might be helpful for you. ShopEZCredit is providing basic information, so you can research and take time to read applicable laws and regulations involving this product. Do not depend on ShopEZCredit for any advice regarding safety, and we do not imply or express any information or consultation on these matters.

Description of a trailer

A trailer is a product designed to attach to a car, truck or van. This trailer can help you move items to another location. This is especially helpful when you have a few items that won’t fit in a truck bed or the trunk of a car. The trailer attaches to a hitch of a vehicle using a tow hitch ball. Some vehicles come equipped with this hitch, while other vehicles may not even have the ability to attach a hitch. You may need to discuss this matter with your local mechanic, as they can advise to what is possible for your vehicle. If you are not able to attach a hitch to your vehicle, you may need to look for another vehicle that is able to pull this product. In addition, some tow hitches may not be the correct size. So ask your mechanic if you are able to find the correct size for the vehicle slot and the correct size ball hitch to attach to the trailer.

More about trailers

The trailer will sometimes come with safety chains to attach to the vehicle as well. You will also notice cables that need to be plugged in to your vehicle. The electric connection will allow your trailer to have brake lights to indicate to drivers behind you. As always, be sure to obey traffic rules and regulations. It can sometimes be vital to tie down or strap down items you have placed in the trailer, to avoid your belongings to become damaged, lost or hurt other property or people. Another major concern to watch for is towing capacity of your vehicle. You will need to read the manual for your vehicle to understand the weight allowed for towing, and be sure to include the weight of the trailer in your calculation. If you are unable to find the towing capacity of your vehicle, be sure to call the manufacturer and check with your local mechanic.

The importance of this product

Trailers are an important because we will have many situations in life when we need to transport our belongings to another place. This might include taking a lawn mower to the local church to mow the grass, placing heavy items in the trailer to help a friend move their belongings, pickup landscaping materials or plants from the local store, taking an ATV to trails, moving firewood to another part of the farm or many other possibilities. The items you wish to transport may not fit in a trunk or truck bed because they are too heavy, too long or wide or would get the back of the car dirty. The trailer sits low to the ground, so it is much easier to get things in a trailer than the elevated storage area of a vehicle. In addition, the tailgate of the trailer will usually unlock to allow for belongings to be rolled up on a trailer.

Types of trailers

There are many types of trailers. The trailers we sell on our website are utility trailers or landscape trailers. This product usually has a sturdier floor, such as a wood base. This helps when heavier items are loaded on the trailer and doesn’t cause the trailer to collapse through the mesh bottom floor.

Enclosed Trailers

Another type of trailer is the enclosed trailers. These will have more security, as the items can be locked in the door and walls surround every side. These products are usually more expensive and sometimes more restrictive. The cost is higher because there is more material in the construction of the product. Many people do not like enclosed trailers, as you have to spend more time planning on how your belongings will fit into the space provided. You are not able to fit some items in this type of item, because the back door only allows a specific width to pass through. In addition, the weight of this trailer is much higher than others you are able to purchase. It is important to take extreme care when attaching the hitch to the vehicle, and ensure you confirm towing capacity and weight capacity for the vehicle and trailer.

Mesh Floor Trailers

Last, we will discuss the mesh floor trailer. This is usually the least expensive trailer on the market, because it has a lighter weight capacity and the material is not as strong. The mesh floor trailer does not provide protection against something being stolen, as there is not encasing as an enclosed trailer provides. That being said, this type of trailer is helpful for many uses and is easier to handle when putting on the hitch.

How to get started with our financing options

1. Look for the trailer you want to purchase. You can find something from our website or elsewhere. We will look for the availability of that item or find something similar that will work for you.
2. Click on our webpage and the Apply Now link. We need to gather your basic information in order to get you approved through our lenders.
3. We will contract you shortly to go over the details of the offer from the finance companies.
4. You will need to complete paperwork and be ready to make your first payment.
5. Your product will be delivered.

Who needs this product?

Many people can benefit from the use of a trailer. Individuals that are in the process of moving are a great fit for this product. Business owners and contractors need trailers to transport their equipment, such as walk behind lawn mowers or power washers.

Where is the best place to store my unit?

Trailer storage is an important consideration. You may want to have a rent to own storage shed to place your trailer away, in order to keep it from being stolen. You may also put it in a detached garage, storage facility or a garage attached to your residence. You can also place a lock on the hitch, so that someone is not able to connect their vehicle to the trailer and take it away.

When is the best time to get started?

If you are thinking about getting a utility trailer, now is the time to act! We are ready and willing to help you through the application process, so let us get started and get the product you are wanting. Fill out our application today.