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What is a 4 Wheeler?

The acronym ATV stands for all terrain vehicle, which means they can be taken just about anywhere. UTV stands for utility terrain vehicle. These vehicles can go on dirt paths, pavement, concrete, grass, gravel, etc. Find new experiences, explore into the unknown and get passionate about finding trails. It is always important to adhere to local, state and national ordinances as it comes to your rights and permissions with property owners. It is fun to use 4 Wheelers to go mudding or for joy riding. Another common use for 4 Wheelers is hunting and working around the property.

How much does a new 4 Wheeler cost?

First you need to go check out our 4 Wheelers for sale or UTVs for sale. Find the 4 wheeler or UTV you like, with payments as low as $186.00 and click the product for more information. From there, click the Apply button to fill out our simple financing application and we will get your brand new machine. The bi-weekly pricing is listed on our website, so you are able to understand the costs of each product or UTV financing with bad credit. We have an excellent rent to own financing program and we can get you approved! Don't see what you want? Call us and we will find it online and get you approved!

We sell all across the United States

Due to our nature of being an online merchant, we are contacted daily from people across the nation that need help finding and getting approved for loans. People need loans because they have many other areas of priority that needs your money. Find what you need on our website, and pay later when you have less to pay for. We understand your situation and why you need to get approved now! We do not sell in Vermont, Minnesota, New Jersey or Wisconsin.

Getting your ATV as soon as possible

ShopEZCredit is here for you! We are experts in helping if you have bad credit. We’ve helped many people in this situation and can find solutions for you. This way, you keep your hard earned money in your pocket instead of draining your bank accounts from a large purchase. Find the latest and greatest products on the market with ShopEZCredit. We want you to be happy with your purchase and understand what it takes to get your credit through the financing process.

Get outdoors and have some fun!

Whatever the weather, 4 wheelers are ready for action. Get out on your free time riding around your property, on trails or on a dirt track. These machines are fun for riding with family, friends or neighbors and create memories of a lifetime. Watch great scenery, instead of wasting your energy on pedaling bikes or running. These vehicles are especially helpful for individuals that have health issues, when you need to get around the property for getting your mail, moving, towing large items or canvassing a large area.

Learning to drive

ATVs can be intimidating to drive for first time riders. That being said, don’t let that stop you. These vehicles are exciting to ride, and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. ATVs and 4 wheelers typically have handlebars to steer and a large seat for comfort.

Check out this video that can be helpful, if you are interested in further information on this topic: Click Here

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Where can I store my ATV?

Proper maintenance and keeping the vehicle protected is very important. Use a cover that will protect it and make sure it lasts. Another great resource is the product manual, especially for operating around children and animals.

Transporting this type of vehicle

Motor vehicles can be moved easiest by using pull behind trailers. It is common to have a vehicle with proper towing capacity for the trailer as well as the weight of any other accessories and the four wheeler itself. Find proper techniques to secure the four wheeler in the trailer to ensure safe driving conditions.

Common features for 4 Wheelers

The smallest vehicles are designed for kids, while the largest vehicles are for adults. The common ratings are from 100-250CC. Horsepower typically ranges from 2,800rpm to 10.5W or 7,500 rpm. Torque from 1.3Nm to 15Nm or 5,500 rpm. The battery is usually a 12V type, but others have 36V. Most have 4 gears and a manual clutch.

Custom features for 4 Wheelers

It is important to understand if the item can be upgraded from common stock features. Many people will decide to change the utility rack for greater capacity, buy different wheels for greater performance and customize basic items such as handles, padding, gages or pedals. Consider an investment if you are interested in these situations, and you would need to discuss with the manufacturer or consult the product manuals before purchase. Many ideas, such as changing colors or patterns, could be accomplished by letting us know immediately so we can check availability.

Pricing for 4 Wheelers

An entry level product will be as low as $71.84 bi-weekly. Kids vehicles are as low as $67.16 bi-weekly. The more expensive units will sell as low as $125 bi-weekly. Pricing is always important, but as you can see here, it only takes a little more money to get a more furnished 4 wheeler that may be more suitable for you needs. It is generally understood that you get what you pay for, so many times the more expensive models have the most recent upgrades, better specifications and desired styles.

Other common usages for 4 wheelers

Another common usage for 4 wheelers is to use it as a utility vehicle for transporting items. Some will have a basket on the backside of the unit, which means you can easily pick up and move objects that may not be easy to move on your own. These items may be fruit, debris from trees, trash, rocks or other items around a farm. Many hunters will use 4 wheelers to transport hunting equipment such as guns, ammo or accessories. They may also need it to move animals that need to be transported.

Can I pull something with a 4 wheeler?

Yes, many of these products have a hitch for towing capabilities. Some people may need to pull a small trailer or desire to hookup something using ropes or chains. These vehicles are small enough to get around places that ordinary vehicles can’t, while having the pulling capacity to help around the yard or farm. As always, check the towing capacity and limitations to ensure you won’t cause damage to the engine or transmission.

What are common ways to purchase an ATV?

A common method is walking in a retail store, such as Bass Pro Shops or a local authorized dealer. These can be convenient because you are able to see what you are purchasing, find new products but also get some advice from employees. Many times, though, there is unnecessary markup from stores as they must pay for the building, maintenance/upkeep and employees to help make the transaction possible. These stores specialize in these areas, but you still may not be able to get your product when you walk out if it is not in stock. It is also worth noting that many of these places may require full payment, meaning you have to use your own cash from bank accounts or put the charges on a high interest credit card. Last, some of the retail stores do not have options available when you need financing.

Other ways to purchase ATVs

Another method is to purchase used equipment, maybe even using online websites such as eBay or Craigslist. It is important to note that used equipment typically is not exactly what you are looking for. In addition, the condition usually is such that it will need repair of some sort. These repairs can be costly, up to or including the difference between the used price you pay from the new retail price. The sellers of used equipment expect cash or check, which again means you need money now to get them.

Why purchase from an e-commerce retailer?

If you are in a position of not having cash up front, consider our buy now pay later options with ShopEZCredit. These are designed with you in mind, meaning it won’t drain your bank account and you can pay over time. ShopEZCredit sells new equipment, ready to be opened as gifts or exciting new products which don’t have needed repairs or blemishes. The savings you can get from us being an e-retailer is also helpful, as we have little overhead compared to most retail companies. And don’t forget, we have options for just about anyone. We understand you may have circumstances that have your credit less than perfect or you may be in a credit challenged position. We’ve helped people like you succeed with financing options and soon you can open a box with a fun adventure awaiting with your new product!

Finding the best 4 Wheeler

It is important to locate an appropriate four wheeler. It can be useful to find a product that has the correct height from the seating position to the controls when leaning to reach them. Be sure to check the details on the individual product pages, which will help you understand the dimensions. The handlebars typically have the braking system, as well as the accelerator. The gearshift is usually located on the foot rest area. The gearshift is sometimes located on the handlebars as well or pushbutton shifters. All of these features, as well as the appropriate specifications, are important to review. This can be vital when purchasing an age appropriate item, such as not having too much power for a kid or teenager that will be riding. As always, when experience comes, the rider will be able to handle faster vehicles and more difficult controls.

Imagine the possibilities

Spend your free time and drive through creeks that have a thin amount of water to ride over. This can keep you from getting wet and makes it very fun to enjoy the outdoors and get to places you normally might not want to go. Creeks can have sharp rocks or debris that can be painful to walk on or might cut the bottom of your feet.

Fun and Adventure Awaits!

Trail riding can be very enjoyable in the outdoors. Many paths across the USA have been carved out by prior riders, so you are able to adventure into the woods or in the open field. Find small hills to drive over and small valleys to drive through.