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Go Kart Financing

We want to help you have fun driving fast on the track with Go Kart Financing, as low as $171.00 every 2 weeks! Check out our gallery of Go Karts For Sale or UTVs for sale and find something you like. We have a great rent to own financing program and can work to get you approved. Fill out our simple financing application and we will call you with your next steps. We have a broad selection of Rent to Own Go Karts and have the brands and features you want.

Go Kart Payment Plan

Don't let the cost of a new Go Kart intimidate you. We help you create more affordable payment plans with our Interest Rate and APY Rates that make bi-weekly payments as low as $171.00 an alternative option. A Go Kart Payment Plan can help by creating specific monthly payment amounts that meet your budget and allow you to pay for an item over time rather than paying it all up front.

Ready to enjoy the outdoors?

Spend your free time riding on trails, on the track or around your property. These Go Karts are ready for action and some of the best memories can be found riding with family, friends or neighbors. Two seater Go Karts are great for giving rides, teaching inexperienced drivers or tagging along to enjoy scenery. You won’t have to pedal or become tired from riding bikes.

Learning to drive

Go Karts can be one of the easiest motor vehicles to learn how to drive. There is much less involved compared to automobiles, dirtbikes, 4-wheelers and motorcycles. But don’t let this deceive you because many people enjoy this type of pleasure than other forms of outdoor activity. These vehicles can be controlled fairly easily, since they mainly require an understanding of how to use a steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator.

Common terrains for riding

Many people can enjoy driving on dirt paths, pavement, concrete, grass, gravel, etc. It is always fun to find areas and be challenged by new experiences, and exploring is always a unique opportunity to adventure into the unknown. It is always important to adhere to local, state and national ordinances as it comes to your rights and permissions with property owners.

Safety is important

These products have many specifications, but some of the most important are the safety features. Look around our website for specifications such as seatbelts, rollbars and brakes. It is also important to find helmets that have the most up to date protection standards, in the case an accident were to occur. As always, be sure to read the product manual. It can always be helpful to research local, state and national driving standards and to always be mindful of terrain and weather/path conditions. It may be helpful to hire a guide service, have a safety plan to know what to do if something were to occur and possibly making people aware of your trip and when you are expected to return.

Maintenance and storage

You will need to think about properly maintaining the vehicle and keeping the vehicle protected by storing it in a safe place away from outdoor elements. It may be helpful to find a protective cover that will keep dust, grime and other possible damage away from your important investment. Be sure to check the product manual for important safety precautions before and during operation, how to keep the engine running long and especially child safety.

Transporting this type of vehicle

Motor vehicles can be moved easiest by using pull behind trailers. It is common to have a vehicle with proper towing capacity for the trailer as well as the weight of any other accessories and the kart itself. Find proper techniques to secure the kart in the trailer to ensure safe driving conditions.


"I've been a customer with ShopEZCredit before, and again they were quick to help me when I needed to buy something this time around. My Go Kart arrived on time and I am enjoying it. Great company!"

Abram B. - Michigan