Finding answers for Scooter Financing

Can I get financing for a scooter or moped with bad credit?

Bad credit does not stop us from finding scooter financing options for you, with bi-weekly payments as low as $131.00! We are experts in finding lenders for in moped finance industries willing to make offers to you, so don't hesitate to complete our application or call us to get started. Bankruptcies, judgments or liens in your past? No worries, we have helped many in your position.

What kinds of scooters do you carry?

Search our website for the brands we carry. All of our products are brand new and come with free shipping right to your door. The only thing left to do is find one you like and apply today!

How does scooter or moped financing work?

It's easy with ShopEzCredit!

  1. 1. First, visit our Scooter product gallery, and find a scooter or moped you want to buy.
  2. 2. Click the 'Apply Now' button and fill out our credit application.
  3. 3. Wait for us to contact you with the details of your finance agreement.
  4. 4. Sign and return the agreement.
  5. 5. Get it delivered to your home.

Scooter and Moped Lease to own program

It is common to be in a position that you don't want to spend the full amount of a new product. We can help with making your purchase much more affordable with our monthly payment options. The lease to own scooter and moped program is ready to help you get a scooter or moped delivered to your doorstep, new in the box.

What banks can offer financing options for me?

While we don't know every bank that will offer financing, we work with lenders that will provide lending options for you. We work with lenders that provide rent to own financing options for buyers with all ranges of credit scores with no credit needed! Don't let a bad credit score discourage you from filling out our credit application.

What will my APR be?

It's hard to give a number before you apply. We work with several different lenders all with different criteria of lending with different rates, and therefore different APR. Filling out our credit application is easy and you aren't obligated to buy anything. Find a scooter you like, fill out our application and we will call you with your rates.

What will my payment plan be?

We work hard to find options for you to accomplish your goals in buying a product. It can always be helpful for you to browse our website to find the product or features you are looking for. Then, complete our application so you are started on the financing process. The pay plan set up for you is customized and will be based on many factors. Some of those factors will include full purchase price, interest rates and the number of payments. We can quickly and easily have this important information ready for you, so you can make a decision on the right scooter for you. Some people are able to find better features and upgrade to a better scooter than desired, because the pay payment is lower than expected. Others may need to look a less expensive model to make sure it fits within your budget. Either way, we want to help you through this process and are standing by to review your information!

Scooter Information

For more information on scooter, check out our general scooters for sale page.

Ready to move forward with a purchase?

Look around on our scooter product gallery for the product you want and be sure to click apply to get started. Also consider the many accessories that are available for your product. Our website has many items to purchase, so be sure to visit us again to find something else you are interested in!