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What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a Lawn Mower?

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Riding Lawn Mowers Payment Plan

We can help you with Riding Lawn Mowers Payment Plan if you have bad credit (as small as $95.00 every 2 weeks). Visit our Main Lawn Mower Page to browse around and look for something you like. If you find a lawn mower you want to buy, simply create an account, add the item to your shopping cart and then submit that shopping cart. We will contact you to discuss the terms of your credit line and have you sign your contract. That's it! It's easy.

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We regularly have Lease to Own Riding Lawn Mowers options for you to choose from. We offer Zero-Turn Mowers, Riding Lawn Mowers, Push Mowers, and even Used Zero-Turn Mowers. Take a look at our selection and find something you are interested in.

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Check out helpful hints on lawn mower storage

This video may be helpful if you are interested in how to properly store your mower: Click Here

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What about riding lawn mowers?

A riding lawn mower is made for individuals or businesses. It is a great product if you want more comfort when completing the task of mowing. It can also be helpful for people who need to complete this work in a more timely manner. It can also be important for people that have medical conditions and need to avoid over-exertion. Businesses will use this item because the speed of operation will allow the company to make more money and get more customers serviced.

What is different about this mower?

This product consists of the cutting deck on the bottom, the seat on the top, two large wheels on the rear and two smaller wheels plus the engine on the front. The seat is designed to allow you to ride on top of the item while in operation. You will have a steering wheel to drive and lights may be on the front.

In general, this type of mower will allow you to get the job done quicker and more efficient than a push mower. The blades within the cutting deck have a wider cut so it doesn't take as many passes to complete the work. If you use a bagger, the container may allow you to hold more grass to avoid stopping to unload as much. The speed of the product can go faster than even a self-propelled push mower.

An often overlooked benefit of a riding lawn mower is the ability to avoid pushing a mower around a yard. It is fairly easy to over-exert yourself, especially if you have medical conditions. If you want to have peace of mind for this situation, it may be best to consider a riding lawn mower.

Riding lawn mowers do require safe operation. You should read the owners manual of the product you select in order to accurately manuever the mower. These mowers can be difficult, unsafe or impossible when cutting uneven terrains. That can be a downside regarding these mowers. It might even be possible that a push mower can be quicker for overall cut times. When these options don't make sense, many people use a weedeater to trim more difficult areas. ShopEZCredit is not a safety expert, so be sure to consult your mowers for recommended guidelines for proper use.

Where is the best place to use this mower?

Riding Lawn Mowers are used in areas that have a lot of flat ground. You may have a large front or back yard, with a bunch of grass to cut. This is an ideal area to use a riding mower, especially if you have few obstacles to cut around.

These products can be purchased in many retail or online stores. Many can claim they have financing available, or you might be able to use a credit card. That being said, it is often improbable to get approval from financing if you have concerns on your payment history, prior public records or a lower than average credit score. This is why many people come to ShopEZCredit for help.

It is important to think ahead about how you will protect your lawn mower. If you keep the item out in the open without covering, it is possible that the item will become weathered. The item can also be damaged by falling trees, debris or accidental property damage. In addition, the internal components of the product can become frozen, clogged or broken without the needed coverings.

Riding lawn mowers are located all across the US. You will see this type of mowers in the cities or rural areas. They can be found on farms or transported on trailers.

These mowers usually have a few controls that are different than push mowers. First, a pedal is located by your foot to the left side when seated. This is usually available to be a braking system. Once engaged, the parking brake lever is adjusted and may have 7 or less gears to switch to. Usually the higher the number, the faster the speed. Another lever on the mower will need to be shifted to Forward position. The other positions are usually Neutral and Reverse. Another lever is pressed down, in order to engage the blade deck and spin the blades. One last lever, usually has 5 possible placements for grass height.

When do you typically sell the most mowers?

We sell mowers all year long. It is common for us to have higher months during peak seasons in early spring, however, many factors can play apart in the demand of the product. It can also depend on the weather, as we receive more application during good weather situations. Last, it can depend on the location. We receive applications earlier in the year from southern US states, because the grass is growing earlier in the season. The northern US states lag behind, as the weather doesn’t allow grass to grow as quickly.

Why is this mower better than other types?

A push mower is better when you have many obstacles in your yard or have to make tight, close turns. However, the push mower is very difficult to maneuver for long periods of time. The push mower is a smaller cut and may need to be refilled with fuel or grass unloaded from the bagger more often.

A zero turn mower is usually faster and has more agility than a riding lawn mower. These products can make quick turns in the yard. It is usually helpful, but it can also leave tire marks in the yard if it is slightly wet. The zero turn is more complicated to operate and likely more dangerous than a riding lawn mower. However, many people on farms or larger properties with acreage will get a zero turn due to the reasons listed above.

If you have read the information above, you may conclude the riding lawn mower is the best option. In addition, you may want to consider having a push mower or zero turn mower, as well as the riding lawn mower. It doesn’t hurt to have both!

Explain how I can get started?

The best way to get a product with our company is to apply on our website. It is quick and easy so you are soon on your way to getting your home maintenance completed much quicker! Don’t hesitate, we will be more than happy to help you through this process.