Walk Behind Mower Financing

Need a new Mower?

Thank you for visiting our website about walk behind mower financing. We specialize in Walk Behind Mower Bad Credit situations. We carry an inventory of walk behind mowers you are looking for. If you want to get something quickly, look no further. ShopEZCredit can help you get setup with a push mower payment plan with fair interest rates. Browse our website for the brands we carry, the features of each mower and the pricing details.

What I need in a mower

We have the selection you need, whether you are a business owner, employee, individual or volunteer for an organization. These mowers are slightly different than a riding mower or zero-turn mower. These products instead have you stand in an area at the rear of the mower to help you make turns faster and help better handle for cuts. In addition, many other components are built around the engine for stability, reliability and torque. You can view a few of our models in the pictures below.

Different kinds on the market

ShopEZCredit can help you find the colors, designs and specifications you want. There are accessories available for nearly every model sold on our website. Please let us know if you need a custom order, or if a specific feature is what you need the most. We will work hard to find you the product that best suits your needs. We also carry a selection of robotic mowers, which you can view by clicking here.

About purchasing from us

Our business is located in Indiana, however, we sell to individuals and businesses all across the United States. Our business is open most days, excluding holidays and weekends, to serve you best and get the product shipped as soon as possible. The main process we undergo is the financing of your product. We discuss your application, product and pricing with the lenders we have relationships with. Once approved, we will have you on your way to final confirmation to ship the new product to your residence or place of business.

Tell others about us

We would love to serve your neighbors, friends or co-workers! Please help us spread the word about our business, as we feel referrals from current customers helps us know we are doing a great job for our clients. We appreciate you, and also want many more people aware of how we can assist them with a product purchase. Again, we are especially beneficial for those with challenged credit situations.

Put us on your favorites list

Please come back and visit our website again soon! We may have specials and pricing can always change. It is always best to lock in pricing as soon as possible, but we understand if now is not the right time to purchase. We want you to take your time to browse our website, find what you are looking for and feel comfortable that you are making the right decision. We don’t use high pressure sales tactics and you are in control of the application process.

Let us know how we can improve

Please let us know of anything that can help speed up anything on our end. We are continually improving our website, adding technologies for improved performance and keeping customer experience as our first priority. We are always open to suggestions or recommendations, so please let us know if you notice anything we should change.

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