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Pressure Washer Financing

Pressure Washer Financing is available with ShopEZCredit as low as $49.00 installments. Review our website for the power washer you are looking for, and we will look to get financing for you. Once approved, we will make you aware of your bi-weekly payment amount and how many months it will take to complete your financing contract. Start here with our application.

Rent to Own Pressure Washer

We specialize in rent to own equipment and products. Our contracts setup Rent to Own Pressure Washer programs (starting as low as $49.00) so you are able to pay over time instead of the full amount up front. This is similar to buy here pay here pressure washer products. Check out the products we have available below.

Tell me more about Power Washers

A power washer is a gas or electric powered machine that is designed to output water at higher pressure than a normal water hose or faucet. In general, these products are connected to a water source outside a home or business. The electric powered machines would be connected to a power source with a power cable, while a gas powered machine uses fuel (sometimes mixed with oil) to power the unit. The electric washers have buttons to begin operation, while the gas washers are started with a pull cord (as a push lawn mower is typically started). The electric power washers have fewer mechanical parts, however have less power exerted from the nozzle. Gas power washers can be much more powerful, which is typically measured in PSI units.

What do you get with this product?

A power washer usually comes with the main motor and standard casing, hoses for connections and a nozzle gun. Some of the units will have a separate container for soap or other chemical substances, which can be mixed for cleaning purposes. Last, some nozzle guns have removable tips. This allows the person using the power washer to use different tips designed for high, medium or low pressure outputs. Another tip may be included, which can be used for spraying a larger area of surfaces or just washing dirt away.

Take precautions before use

Please note that you should consult your safety manual and take other precautions when using these machines. It is essential to plan out your work, and understand any risk you may encounter while using these units. ShopEZCredit is not qualified to advise you on safety, so be sure to research on your own to understand what you need to be safe. ShopEZCredit does not offer advice or consulting in these matters, rather we provide basic information for your general information.

Will I be able to use this product?

The people who use a power washer need to be physically able to maneuver the machine around a personal property or business. The unit will have wheels, so it is easy to move around on your own. It is important to have enough strength to start the engine, which typically requires to pull on the cord similar to a lawn mower. In addition, you will need basic mechanic skills to maintenance the machine. This may include cleaning or changing spark plugs, lubing up connections to avoid deterioration or changing the oil. Sometime the carburetor can get dirty, which requires to be removed and taken apart to be cleaned. If you are unable to do these types of tasks on your own, it is simple to have the unit serviced by a local mechanic or possibly mechanics at dealer.

Business usage for these products

A contractor may also need to have a power washer. If you are hired to clean exterior surfaces, a power washer may be an essential tool you need to get the job done right. You may have a request to clean the exterior of a house, spray off gunk from a roof, strip paint or stain off a deck, prepare a swingset to be stained, spray off a driveway and many other types of tasks. A power washer can come in handy for these situations, so act now to be prepared!

Where can I put my machine?

A power washer is easily stored in a garage, basements, storage sheds or detached garages. The hoses will typically be wrapped around the plastic holders or handles of the main unit. The product can be slightly tilted and pushed on wheels to a convenient storage area. The tips can be placed in a storage slot on the plastic panel on the unit. Be sure to check the owner’s manual for the product so you understand how to drain the hoses, what you should do before the next usage and how to winterize the product.

Where do people typically use power washers?

A power washer can be used in many areas. Many people use power washers on a flat surface to ensure the unit does not fall over or start rolling away. The product paperwork can provide insight on best practices for placement of the unit. Common areas of usage are on driveways, front and back yards, outside businesses, near decks and other areas near a water source.

Do I need to think about the weather before usage?

A power washer is typically used during months when the weather is warmer. Like many other products that require water, the cold temperatures can produce frozen pipes and hoses. So it is likely recommended that usage during cold temperatures is avoided or limited. Otherwise, you run the risk of possibly injury to yourself or others. In addition, the product may be damaged. Again, it is best to utilize the suggestions from the manufacturer on the proper outdoor temperature required for usage of this product. Check with the manufacturer with the paperwork or website for details.

Why do people buy these products?

A power washer is designed to make your life easier. Instead of using former methods of cleaning, such as rubbing on chemicals or scrubbing with your hands, let the machine do the work for you! It is incredible what you can accomplish with a power washer. Many times, cleaning your belongings with a power washer can result in turning the appearance of something back to like new! You can get an old, dirty looking playset to be transformed into a nice looking and almost freshly painted color. If the playset has wood with dirt and grime, spray it down (but not too close or powerful which can result in splintered wood). Then, consider other chemicals that will further clean the surface. You can check with a local hardware store or big box retailer. Find the paint you need, and suddenly the entire neighborhood is in wonder of how you did it! So many other possibilities exist with a power washer, so get yours today and get started!

Pressure Washer Rent to Own

Are you ready to take the dive and get a new Pressure Washer Rent to Own contract started? You will need to complete our online application. It is simple and easy to search for a product on our website that you like. Then, hit our apply now button and the form will ask you basic questions. This information will be provided to us and we get started on your behalf. We will identify the banks with the best potential for approval and the bank will return detailed information if your application is approval. It won’t take long to have your interest rates, payment amount and terms that you need for a financing contract. Your product will be shipped to you and you will soon be able to get started on your projects!