Purchase a Tool Chest

Rent to Own Tool Box

A Rent to Own Tool Box (as low as $45.00 per installment) is handy for people who work on vehicles, around the house or other property you may have. It may be helpful for individuals who work as mechanics, maintenance or janitors. Some people can have multiple cabinets to separate home tools from a day job. Or a secondary chest can allow for easy mobility to remote jobsites, such as on a roadside, another home or non-profit organization. There isn’t a limit to who can use this a tool chest, young adults to elderly alike may benefit from ownership.

Tool Box Payment Plan

We strive to help you achieve an affordable bi-weekly tool box payment plan, as the minimum possible pricing is $45.00 per payment. We can find reasonable interest rates and APY rates. It can be purchased any month of the year, not just during summer or winter times.

Tool Box Finance

People come to ShopEZCredit many times because they don’t have anywhere else to turn. You may have tried getting Tool Box Finance at a local store or online retailer, however, you may not have the funds to buy it outright with cash. Instead, you asked the company representative to help you apply for their financing or credit card promotion. Unfortunately, many people are turned down in this process or the store may not allow financing at this time. You may have tried other forms of financing, such as bank credit cards, direct company financing or payday loans. You may get approved, but you may not like the terms and conditions that were presented to you. Your next option can be to check with us for a rent to own or lease to own product. We have instant acknowledgement of your application and have quick turnaround decisions. We continue to add finance companies looking to offer approvals for these types of products! So check in with us and we will get back with you asap to discuss your options.

Where should I put this product?

Tool chests are found in garages, basements, sheds and closets. One of the most important things to consider is the ability to lock your tools away. If you do not keep the area secure, you risk your property being stolen.

More about our company

ShopEZCredit is not a manufacturer. We find products available to be financed through our relationships with banks and other financial institutions. That being said, we are able to find products through various sources that have a strong selection. Don’t forget that we can look for an item that we do not have showcased on our website, and find the same or similar model.

Why do people come to ShopEZCredit to buy this product?

A tool chest is designed to hold tools in an organized manner. The basic design is to have multiple layers of drawers, each varying in size that can be pulled out with a handle and allows a tool to be laid on the floor. The size can vary with tool chests. It can range from smaller boxes to be placed on a shelf or tabletop. The larger boxes stand tall with wheels on the bottom and additional storage space for bigger tools.

When can you get this item?

These items can be purchased throughout the year. However, many can be sold as a Christmas present during the months of November and December. It is also a fantastic gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

What is the best use of this product?

Tool cabinet products will help store basic tools. This may include screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, nails, screws, pliers, wrenches, hammers, sockets, battery testers, crowbars, levels, measuring tapes, utility knives, flashlights or even stud finders. Larger cabinets can house air compressors, kit boxes, saws, tree trimmers, drills, saws, electric extension cords or dry vacuums.

How do I get started?

The easiest part of this process is the application. It is easy to complete our application! It just takes your basic information, such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. We have blank field forms on our website which you can click to with your mouse. You may also tab through the fields with your keyboard. You don’t have to waste another moment of your time filling out paper applications with other stores you’ve dealt with. Our process is seamless and instant. The lenders communicate back to us, and we have a high rate of approvals. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and look forward to getting your product very soon.

Why do people get these?

Having a place to store your equipment is necessary is essential for your working garage. That is why people are interested in purchasing this item. If you are able to keep yourself organized, you will be able to find any tool you are looking for. In addition, you reduce the risk of stolen items and misplacing the items elsewhere in the house.

Can I move a tool chest around?

Some of these items are portable, meaning you are able to move the carts from place to place. It may be important to empty all or some of the contents, so that you don't have too much weight in the containers.

Common Features of Tool Cabinets

Some of the features include lockable drawers with a key. Another feature keeps secondary drawers locked when the main drawer you are using is open. They may have clamps to secure the top lid of the chest, which allows for taller space for storage.

What else do you have that I might be interested in?

ShopEZCredit has many other products available on our website. This includes Rent to Own Power Tools, Used Riding Lawn Mower Financing, Lease to Own Sheds, Rent to Own Snow Blowers, Rent to Own BBQ Grills, Rent to Own Motorcycles and more. Apply Now and get started. Please visit these webpages to view more of our products.

What brand do you carry?

We carry US General tool cabinets.

What dimensions do you offer?

One product we offer is a 44 inch double bank product. It has non-slip material mats.The lid also has struts. The capacity is 11,700 cubic Inches. The other product we have is 44 inches x 22 inches. It has 14,000 cubic inches of storage. It has 13 drawers and full extension ball bearing drawer slides. It uses 5 inch heavy duty casters. The drawers have pre-cut drawer liners.