Rent to Own Snow Blower

Snow Blower Financing

We carry many brands! Be sure to check our website for snow blower financing options as low as $49.00.

Do you offer snowblower payment plans?

Yes! We offer a great rent to own financing program (initial payments of $49.00) that is perfect for any credit level. Visit our snow blowers gallery and find something you like so you are able to get setup for bi-weekly snowblower payment plans.

A snowblower can help people that need to clear their driveway, sidewalks and other areas on your property. These products can also be helpful for commercial customers that need to clear areas for their customers or employees.

Snowblowers are easy to use and maintain. They are fairly small and don’t require a lot of space to store away in the summer. The product doesn’t have many mechanical parts and many are not extremely heavy. Some of the products are self-propelled, which means that the wheels will turn on their own and won’t require you to push the machine forward to operate.

Where can I see the products you have?

Check out our gallery of different snowblowers we have available to get. We have a selection of manufacturers and items on our website, but you don’t have to stop there. Remember, we are a company that specializes in rent to own, lease to own and financing programs. This allows us to find additional products that you are looking for. When you need something customized, don’t forget to call or contact us to order the item you really want. We can do a thorough search for the exact or best match to that item for you. Then, we can inform the lending companies of the request and be sure the application is updated to reflect the proper product. You will be excited to find the match you are looking for and when you open the product it will give you a great sense of pride. Your neighbors will be curious and jealous of your easy to maneuver snowblower. You may even be able to make some additional cash when others ask you to clean off their driveway or sidewalk. It will make you look smart and prepared for the winter season ahead.

When will I need to start making payments?

It is important to get the process started as soon as possible. We will provide your information to several lenders, if needed, so we can get an approval for you. Once the approval process is complete, you will need to make the first payment immediately, if applicable. We then look to your individual contract to see the terms and conditions. It is likely you will need to start making consistent payments in two weeks after the contract start date. Be sure to ask questions if it is not clear when payments will begin.

Why is it important to see my payment histories with other companies?

The finance companies will ask us to provide details about the customers we are bringing to them with applications. We have to be truthful and honest about what we see on the credit bureaus and transaction histories. Not every company you have dealt with may report to the credit bureaus. But many will and typically report monthly on your payment history. If you show late or slow payments, this can indicate that you might struggle to make payments in the future. Underwriters will determine which course of action will need to be taken, based on what they see from your credit bureau report.

How is your company able to do this?

ShopEZCredit is one of the only companies in the United States that focuses on helping people find financing for people that are in a difficult financial situation. We understand how hard this is for you and we want to be sure we do everything possible to find an option in the market to approve you. Even with our efforts, there are times when we cannot find any companies willing to take the risk associated with lending money. Each of these lenders will be accountable to their ownership, meaning they will be required to make money and show profits. If they are unable to collect timely payments from their customers, these finance companies risk bankruptcy themselves or would be unable to pay bills. This is why they require proof that you will be able to make your payments on a timely manner. It would also be irresponsible to lend out money that was too much for someone to afford in their budget. We keep all of these factors in mind, and find middle ground to ensure everyone has what they need to be successful in the transaction.

How can I get the snowblower I need?

When you are approved for the line of credit or loan you are looking for, we will need you to sign documentation for your contract. You will need to accept all terms and conditions for the financing program and make your first payment. When then are set to order your product. We confirm the details of your order in our computer systems and will send that out to be delivered as soon as possible. The great thing is that shipping is free for most states.