Diesel Generator For Sale

Lease To Own Generator

Don’t get left in the cold! When the power goes out, what can you do? It used to be common to find a radio, light a candle and ensure to have fresh batteries laying around. No longer! Don’t let this type of situation disrupt your lifestyle. It’s time to get a diesel generator loan from a lender we can help you find, right here from ShopEZCredit. Our Lease To Own Generator programs are helpful for you to get a bi-weekly payment plan started and make this purchase much more affordable. Complete our online application when you are ready to get started.

How do they work?

These diesel generators for sale are designed to function on alternative power sources. The main source used is diesel, similar to filling up lawn mower, ATV or other motor vehicles with gasoline. Another option is a battery option. These sources provide power to an engine, which can be strong enough to keep your major home appliances working. For instance, it is important to keep the refrigerator working. Otherwise, you risk food spoilage. You can imagine how difficult it would be without an active washer and dryer, oven and stove, microwave, television and lighting. It is also important to be able to work on your computer, charge your cell phones and plug in a vacuum or blowdryer. This is why a generator is an excellent purchase, to stay proactive in case weather or other circumstances leave you caught without power. Find a diesel generator for sale today on our e-commerce website, ShopEZCredit.

Other reasons to use a generator

Another function for these products is when you need power away from your home or business. It is excellent to have a rent to own generator when you are camping, on a road trip or at a property that is away from power. Many businesses use generators in disaster relief situations or as backup for essential customer service. These can be a necessary item when chaos abounds, especially when local stores can be sold out at high demand times. Be prepared and ready to keep you, your family and even neighbors safe.

What are the different types?

Generators come in many different sizes, colors and styles. It is important to find the unit you are looking for, with the essential features that best fit your needs. The height, width, length and weight is listed on the product specifications for each item. Other key specifications include the number of plugs, the fuel tank capacity and/or the maximum time before recharge or refueling. ShopEZCredit has the brands you need to keep you on the move and protect you from potential dangerous situations.

Other things to keep in mind

Safety is an important aspect of purchasing a generator. We are not experts in safety here at ShopEZCredit, so it will be important for you to study the product manual before first time use. This can be helpful, even if you have had experience in the past of operating these products. Each product may be different in the way they are to be started, the recommended distance from the home and maintenance suggestions. A complete understanding of the unit is essential to remaining safe and staying away from any potential harm. Be sure to contact the manufacturer for any specific product questions.