Rent to own Washer and Dryer Set

Nearly No Credit Check Washer and Dryer

We finance Nearly No Credit Check Washer and Dryer on our website (as small as $55.00). We are not a guaranteed approval company. Our lenders require credit checks, however, keep in mind that we concentrate on individuals who cannot traditionally get standard loans. So instead of being turned down, we typically find options that are available and reasonable for you.

Washer and Dryer Payment Plan

Yes. This can be rented through ShopEZCredit with a Washer and Dryer Payment Plan as small as $57.00 for dryers. Our Rent to Own Washer and Dryer Set is the next best thing from owning, so you have access to the product you need. You also have the obligation to return the item since you don’t own the product, unless you fulfill the contract to obtain ownership. You are also required to protect the item from damage or improper usage.

Washer and dryer rental companies

We understand that there are many companies on the market. We appreciate that you are considering us! You can read about our company by visiting our homepage. We strive to provide excellent customer experiences and want to be the best in the business. We look forward to helping you further, in any way we can.

Rent Washer and Dryer monthly

A renting option with ShopEZCredit is a great idea. We can help you setup equal or similar monthly payments, so you know what you are getting into before you get the item. Don’t forget to spend time reading our contract, which will give you important details.

Washer and dryer pay monthly

Instead of the traditional purchase, consider a monthly payment option. This will help you make it as affordable as possible, rather than spending all your savings now. Save up for other important purchases, and let us help you with your payment structure.

Lease to own Washer and Dryers

The lease to own options that we provide are essential to help you gain ownership over your products. This can naturally be a transition, so you aren’t renting or struggling with a full purchase payment. Leasing these essential appliance are important, however, so your payments can stay low. When you honor your obligations per the contract, the product can be yours to keep.

How much does a new washer and dryer cost?

At the time of this writing, our washers range from as low as $54 to as low as $59 per month. Our dryers range from as low as $55 to as low as $60. These prices are subject to change daily, so please check our website and products in further detail so you can better understand the most up to date pricing we offer.

Dryers for sale

Finding a dryer is easy, especially with ShopEZCredit. Search our selection of dryers that will make your life much easier to manage. Dryers are an essential piece of the cleaning process for clothing.

Washers for sale

Washers are the first step to the cleaning process for clothing. This step takes certain dirt and grime from clothing by adding washer and detergent to soak and break up particles. When the clothes come out of the washer, you will need to transition the clothes to the dryer to finalize the cleaning process.

Best place to finance washer and dryer

We consider our company among the best for financing a washer and dryer. We are not a bank or lending institution, however, we make connections with lenders that are willing and ready to help you. We can find ways to rent, rent to own, lease to own or simply sell you a product directly from bank or credit card payments.

What is my interest rate?

Lenders require basic information in order to provide quotes for interest rates. It will be necessary to complete an application to identify your credit score, payment histories, any prior public records, the product you are wanting to buy and likely income verification. The lending company will review any information needed from the application, and quickly and promptly provide accurate rates as soon as possible. The contract will also clearly describe the interest rate and you may always inquire to understand how the interest rate has been determined.

How many payments would I need to make?

The lending companies we work with will underwrite your application and determine the term offered. It is important to understand that you will need to make payments every month going forward, until the required time has been exhausted. Missing payments can cause a disruption to the lending companies expected payback schedule, and can also result in a breach of contract on your part. Spend time to analyze the contract to ensure you will be able to handle your end of the obligation, so this transaction will be seamless and all parties can benefit from it.

What about shipping?

Shipping is free of charge and these items are delivered to you. No need to go to a physical store, hassle with salespeople on commission or think about transporting the machine on your own. It’s easier than ever to buy online, and our websites are secure.

How these washers work

These washing machines will need a special power connection, a water line connection and also a hose connection that goes to a drain. It is best to have these connections ready before installation, if possible. If these connections are not already installed, it is best to call a licensed contractor to help. The water line connection will bring in clean water from the water company, and the machine will fill as needed per your settings desired on the load. The water is eventually drained out of the machine, typically into your plumbing system, where it is usually taken into the wastewater treatment plant. To read more, visit HowStuffWorks and read how washing machines work.

Karin Nice, "How Washing Machines Work" 31 October 2000.,
Accessed 21 August 2019

How dryers work

Your dryer will need a special electrical connection and a hose connection that funnels outside. It is best to have these connections ready before installation, if possible. If these connections are not already installed, it is best to call a licensed contractor to help. The electrical connection establishes the power necessary to have the unit run the load of wet laundry. The water is eventually evaporated out of the dryer vent, typically into the open air. To read more, visit ExplainThatStuff and read about clothes dryers.

Woodford, Chris. "Clothes Dryers" (2010/2017).,
Accessed 21 August 2019

Who should consider a washer and dryer?

Everyone needs to use a washer and dryer. This is the new standard of living, rather than the old fashioned way of cleaning and drying clothes by hand. These units have come a long way since the invention was introduced. The new features include timers, energy efficiency and sleek designs. The first models of washer and dryers worked to perfect mechanical parts, size and weight. In recent years, manufacturers are increasing the amount of technology and software in these units. This allows for a nicer design and look of fonts, colors and patterns you will notice on the products. The digital screens allow for better accuracy, instruction and timing.

What is the idea behind a rent to own company?

A rent to own company is helpful to those who have less than favorable credit situations. This means you have a lower score than the average person, or you may have other negative histories. These histories might include collections, which is a report to your credit bureau that a bill has been unpaid for 30, 60, 90 days or more. When individuals struggle to make timely payments and a report is filed with the credit bureau, it can result in an unfavorable situation. This means when applying for a loan, a representative may inform the individual they have been declined or not approved. Or it can mean that conditions apply that are unfavorable for you. This is when a rent to own company can help. How? We construct a contract that is designed for this situation. The benefit of ownership can still be attained through hard work and persistent payments being made. Instead of being turned down, your approval can be granted in no time. You can instantly understand how much you are permitted to finance, and we can help you through the process. Finally, you can no longer be frustrated, intimidated or embarrassed by the extremely high standards of being approved through finance companies.

Best places to put these products

Washers and dryers are typically located in a basement area of a residence. This allows the products to be out of the typical sight of guests, and reserves space in the main living areas. If no basement exists, washers and dryers can be placed on the main floor of the residence. This can have easy access to the units, and many times sliding doors hide the units from view.

Tell me more about your company

ShopEZCredit is headquartered in Indiana. We are south of Indianapolis, Indiana and north of Nashville, Tennessee. We are just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is the headquarters of UPS, Humana, Churchill Downs, Yum Brands and the University of Louisville. The outskirt of Louisville includes the Indiana cities of New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville. This is our hometown and many wonderful people live and work. We are called the Sunny Side of Louisville, and are known for friendly and warm relationships. We have hardworking and ethical in our behaviors and professional in conduct. We have diverse cultures and communities. In many ways, we reflect America’s heartland and are located in the middle of many large US cities. We have abundant business growth and many products and goods are transported in this area due to the nearby airports and highways.

When can I shop on your website?

Since we are an online merchant, our store never closes! This is great news for those who aren’t able to shop during normal business hours. There is nothing more frustrating to travel to a brick and mortar storefront, only to find that you’ve arrived a few minutes too late. The gates close and you are stuck with finding the next place to shop. Traditional malls are closing at an ever-increasing rate, which means you are usually left with stand-alone stores or strip malls. Many of the boutique or unique stores you are accustom to shopping at are no longer existent.

Visit us again next time!

Finding products where price is reasonable and not out of reach are becoming more difficult to locate. Instead, keep us on your favorites tab on your browser or smartphone, so you can keep up with our news and latest trends. Our selection is frequently changing to accommodate the new trends in the industry and keep up with the latest products released from the manufacturers.

Why should I finance now?

Keep in mind that many finance companies have expiration dates on their approvals. If you wait too long to finance your purchase, you may miss out on your window of opportunity to get what you need. It is important to be timely in your responses to requests for any information or signatures. You can risk becoming denied or the application voided when delaying the process in any way. You will want to show the finance company that you are responsive and are urgent in cooperating with questions. When you have questions or might need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are ready and willing to help you take the next steps in the approval process. We want you to be approved, so it is a win-win for everyone. We take great pleasure in seeing your product being delivered, and hope you will provide us with positive feedback on surveys or online reviews.