Hot Tub Financing with Bad Credit

Hot Tub Payment Plan

We can get you setup for a hot tub payment plan. We provide you a bi-weekly amount to pay (as low as $140.00), the interest rate of the hot tub loan and how long you will need to pay it. Our outdoor jacuzzi Hot Tubs have modern water jet technology. These hot tubs for sale provide a soothing time in the water. Let the jets massage you while you relax. Most of the spas will hold up to 6 people, though some can hold up to 8. If you need a larger tub, we can find one. Need financing? We have great finance partners that will even approve those customers with below average credit scores. If you have any questions, just call us!

Do you offer hot tub financing with bad credit?

We absolutely do! Check out information on our hot tub financing page. We specialize in hot tub financing for bad credit (installments as low as $140.00), and can find several options that will help your budget.

What brands do we carry for jacuzzi financing?

We have a variety of jacuzzi financing options for you. Some of the brands we carry are AquaRest, Lifesmart, Home and Garden, Divine and Southern Star. We are always updating our inventory so check back often. If you don't see what you want, call us or fill out an application and we will can still find exactly what you want and get it shipped to you. Check out our products in our hot tub gallery.

Water Capacity, Dimensions and Additional Specifications

The larger products are around 300-400 gallon water capacity. The length typically ranges from 74-85 inches, height from 28-36 inches and the width 65-85 inches. They usually have a maximum capacity from 4-6 people. The number of jets ranges from 13-51 for the standard hot tubs, and the portable units typically have many more.

Some of the units will need a dedicated 220 voltage or 50 amperage electrical wires. Be sure to check with a licensed contractor to find what electrical needs you will have. Some of the units will have GFCI cord. Some of the cords will be 12 foot long in length.

The colors will be sand, grey or espresso options. Some have mocha interiors. The temperature range will be from 80-104 Fahrenheit range for most units. The portable units will take about 12 hours to heat up to proper temperature.

Health Benefits that might be helpful for you

There are several potential benefits to owning a home spa. People that regularly spend time in an outdoor hot tub may experience better blood circulation. You may experience a rise in body temperature which may cause blood vessels to dilate. This may be especially important for people with arthritis.

Other possible benefits of using a hot tub are you may have reduced stress, may have reduced muscle pain as well as may help with mobility and possible strength for those with osteoporosis.

As you can see, there can be many benefits. Please check out our selection of hot tubs for sale and find something you like.

Benefits of owning a hot tub

To read more about potential benefits you can experience from owing a hot tub, try the article below.

Check out the article: Click Here

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"Excellent speed and customer service. Thank for being so quick to respond. It was so easy to get my hot tub! At first I wasn't sure about this site, but I called in and talked to one of your reps and they made me feel great about everything. It was all so easy. The delivery to my house was awesome as it would have been hard to pick up. I am glad my family and I will be able to enjoy our evenings in our new tub thanks to you. Thanks ShopEZCredit! "

Tom F. - Michigan