Financing an Electric Range

Rent to Own Range

Purchasing a stove from ShopEZCredit has never been easier! First, select the product and apply for our rent to own range and rent to own stoves program on our website (installments start at $45.00 at lowest possible). Next, provide any additional information upon request of the lenders we use. Finally, spend time ensuring you have selected the product you need and we will work on the rest! ShopEZCredit will help you finalize the rent to own range application so you are on your way to setting up a range oven payment plan that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Rent to Own Electric Stove

Ranges come in many shapes and sizes. But a key feature you want to research is style. We have several brands, as well as stainless steel models, black, white and gray colors. The upgraded version of rent to own electric stove, with payments starting as low as $45.00 every 2 weeks, are called duel oven or confection oven. These feature allows for more thoroughly cooked foods and also tries to cook food evenly. Another important aspect of a rent to own electric stove is the smoothtop or stovetop. Some models have flat design on the smoothtop, while other stovetop models have raised coils and removable cooking elements for different looks and cooking design. The bottom of the unit is typically used for storage or can be a warming drawer to keep food from getting cold until it is ready to be served.

What brands do you have?

We have Amana, Whirlpool, GE and Samsung Ranges. Please keep in mind that if we do not have what you are looking for, please contact us or apply anyway. We can likely find the product you need or find something similar with the necessary features or design you want.

Rent to Own Ovens

Rent to Own Ovens are designed for adults that are looking to cook homemade food. You may be a renter of a home or apartment, own or rent a condo or seasonally live in a vacation home. Each of these scenarios require essential proper cooking tools, unless you plan to eat out at restaurants most of the time. You would need a stove, even if others cook and prepare food for you. The main cooking tool people use in their home is an electric stove or electric range. In addition, the stovetop is essential for emergencies, such as boiling water when tap water is contaminated.

What exactly is an oven?

A stove or range, also known as an oven, is a centerpiece cooking machine for a home or residence. You are able to preheat or set a desired temperature that is needed for proper cooking. A stove is also a common fixture for kitchen designs or remodels.

What you can cook with a range

The oven can cook many foods including turkey, ham, pot pies, casseroles, desserts, lasagna, spaghetti, meats and even chicken. Stovetops are essential for boiling water for foods such as eggs, mashed potatoes, green beans, bacon, grilled cheese sandwiches or sausage.

Where a stove is typically

A stove is typically placed in the kitchen area. You will need to have the essential electrical lines ran in your residence. This will ensure the appliance has proper voltage and amperage to the unit. These units may have a unique power plug that is not a traditional 3 prong plug in a standard 120 volt socket. Other models may be gas ovens, gas ranges or gas stoves. Gas can be the fuel source for the range, so be sure to utilize a licensed contractor to ensure the stove is properly connected. You will also want to read the owner’s manual and instructions on how to properly vent the heat radiating from the stove. Ranges can heat up your kitchen area as well, so you may want to have fans that ventilate the air, especially if you accidently cook something too long and burn the food. When you open the stove doors from burning food, it can cause an unusual amount of smoke. This can also happen when the oven is in self-cleaning mode. So be sure to also have your smoke alarms, fire extinguisher and fire safety equipment in place to ensure you and your family’s safety. Be sure to contact your local fire officials regarding ordinances, rules and regulations essential to your safety. ShopEZCredit is not an expert in safety, so you will not want to rely on us for advice. The best source for this information will be your owner’s manual or contacting the manufacturer directly.

When can I get my product?

Now is the time to purchase a new oven! You may have run into bad luck with a recent part failure, broken stove, outdated design or recent scratches that make your stove look ugly. Don’t wait any longer to get the stove you have been waiting for. A stove is one of the most important parts of your home. This is because without well cooked food, you likely significantly increase your chances for food illnesses. If you haven’t updated this appliance in a long time, consider using our financing programs to help you get this concern out of the way. You can gain peace of mind, knowing you will have a new model, with the latest features and upgrade from the old way of doing things around the house.

Other things to think about

It is very important to have a stove in the home. In addition to the many safety reasons, don’t forget you will reduce costs. This can happen from reducing electric or gas bills, or simply by avoiding the need to eat out at restaurants on a frequent basis. You may also indirectly save money by staying away from the doctor by reducing the number of unhealthy meals you are eating from restaurants.

What should I do now?

Setup bi-weekly payments with our bad credit range financing program. We help you establish a loan or line of credit so you can easily get the stove or range you are looking for. No more worrying about your current situation of not being able to cook. Get the oven you are looking for, and pay later. We will look to get you the best interest rates and APY (annual percentage yield) available in the market. We connect you with lenders that are ready and willing to provide stove finance terms which can get you the most affordable stove payment plan. We offer free shipping to most states. You will have private deliveries, with no embarrassing rent to own trucks in your driveway. Still getting turned down? Nowhere else to go? Try ShopEZCredit today!