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Rent to Own Chainsaw

We appreciate that you've visited our website about our Rent to Own Chainsaw program. We get chainsaw payment plans as low as $49.00 setup so you have a bi-weekly amount that is due. We can also make you aware of how many parents you will need to make to fulfill the contract.

Chainsaw Financing

Our programs help individuals with chainsaw financing, as low as $49.00 per payment. We've helped many people, with an approval rate of 75% for some sort of financing. Contact us and we can give you the interest rate and APY (annual percentage yield).

Chainsaw User

A chainsaw is used by a business or abled bodied individual. These machines should be taken with extreme care when handling. We are not safety experts, however it is likely not advised for children, teenagers, disabled individuals, seniors or even young adults to be equipped with this machine. It is likely advisable to use a high level of caution and only experienced users to utilize this tool. Please consult an owners manual or manufacturer website to read about safe and proper usage of a chainsaw. It might even be possible to contact a representative from a manufacturer to fully understand the risks associated with the device.

You can encounter dangerous situations with improper usages of a chainsaw and cause damage or bodily injury, including death. Tree branches and wood can be very heavy, especially causing damage when falling from heights above the ground. Safety Google are likely necessary as well. Again, please review and carefully read the entire owners manual before any usage of this product.

Tell me more about this product

Chainsaws are high powered machines designed to make cuts for tree branches, logs and other wood materials. The product is usually gas powered, and requires oil. The engine or motor will generate a rotating blade. The rotating blade will be linked with a chain to create a strong cutting edge. The product must be serviced frequently to ensure it continues to run smoothly and has a sharp cutting edge.

More about Chainsaws and Pole Saws

This product can easy slice through wood materials. The more horsepower the engine has, the easier the product will cut. In addition, some manufacturers have more advanced features to help reduce vibration and have larger cutting areas.

An alternative product is a rent to own pole saw. This product is helpful to reach areas that are out of reach for a chainsaw. ShopEZCredit also has pole saw financing, so be sure to check out our options for that product.

Where is this item used?

Chainsaws are primarily used outdoors. This is likely due to the power of the unit and maintaining safe conditions surrounding the unit. In addition, the product is very loud when operated.

A chainsaw is typically placed inside a garage to ensure the components stay dry and avoid rust. I can be covered with certain fabric materials or protected with a hard plastic casing. It may be important to have safety locks on a case to ensure the product isn't tampered with or opened accidently.

A chainsaw is easily moved by a contractor on a work truck or trailer. They are relatively small in size and will fit comfortably on trailers around other products. It will be important to have the tool protected from elements and ensure the item is damaged when transported.

When do people use this item?

This unit can be operated in most seasons of the year. It is important to always consider your surroundings, as surfaces may become wet or slippery. It might be smart to adjust and move your work or task to a time that might have less opportunity to obtain an injury.

What about ShopEZCredit?

ShopEZCredit is always open for business! Our website operates 24/7 and we have a fully automated application process. This means you receive more immediate results for your approval status. We will get back to you in the case that we might need more information. Regardless, now is the time to get the product you are looking for, so you can get the tasks done that are on your priority list. Why wait any longer or look elsewhere for your financing needs?

Why have you been successful in business?

ShopEZCredit recognized a need for financing options for individuals with less than favorable credit. We've found many life events that have caused this situation, ranging from medical bills to divorce. We understand many of these circumstances are out of your control, but many standard finance companies won't give any options. This is why we have worked so hard to help people that need financing. We can't always find options, but we do our best to search for alternatives and stay informed of any current industry changes. We can help you with your immediate questions, especially if you are new to a rent to own contract. Don't hesitate to call us and ask any question you have that needs answers.

We have flexibility

We have products on our website that can be shipped fast to you, with little to no shipping cost in most states. This flexibility allows us to focus on your individual information and addressing questions the underwriters might have about you. It is always important to us to keep the customer first. We only achieve success when you are able to get approval and are satisfied with the contract.

Our small business model allows us to be flexible and offer you options. We are independent, meaning we aren't specifically tied down to one bank or finance company. This allows us to shop out your financial situation and identify companies that want to help you. Many standard financing companies leave you walking away without your product, but we can get 3 out of 4 customers approved for some sort of financing program. Come see what we can do for you.