Sweep System Details

Why should I purchase from ShopEZCredit for Cattle Sweep System Financing?

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What is a Cattle Sweep System and how do they work?

These products are typically used to manuever large farm animals in a more precise and safe method. The animals, typically cattle, are brought into the main gated area. A sweeping gate is slowly pushed towards the animals, which causes the animals to move toward a thin, gated lane. This lane is just large enough to allow the animals to walk comfortably. The system confines animals with large metal poles in order to keep the animals from escaping.

Who can use a Cattle Sweep System?

Anyone is able to use cattle sweep systems. However, it is important for the individual to understand how to install these systems properly. It may be proper to ask for help so that more than 1 person is helping with the processes. This is important for safety for the people and individuals. If you are not experienced in these areas, it may be important consult an experienced livestock farmer for help. It is also advised to consult the safety manual for instructions and safety precautions. If you need additional information, feel free to see this YouTube video about a Cattle Sweep System.

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Where are Cattle Sweep Systems placed?

Cattle Sweep Systems are likely best placed in a farming field or nearby your roads or trails. This is important so that a trailer or farm truck can easily access the area and pull the animals as needed. In addition, the area needs to be large enough for this equipment. Be sure to check the dimensions to understand space requirements.

When should I purchase a Cattle Sweep System?

These products are needed when you are raising large farm animals. It is a much better option to use this product than more difficult methods to control these animals. This product can save you time and avoid frustration. If you are having trouble with these types of issues, now is the time to purchase a sweep system. Many livestock farmers will also purchase a cattle chute to put at the end of the sweep system for containment.

What should I look for when purchasing Cattle Sweep Systems?

It is advised to see the weight, height, width and weight capacity. This product may have slightly delayed delivery, so be sure to check for details.

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