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County Line Squeeze Chute

Thank you for visiting ShopEZCredit for your farm and ranch equipment needs, especially a Cattle Chute. We are here to help you with a County Line Squeeze Chute with payments as low as $120.00. We keep your best interest as our priority, and ensure you are cared for every step of the way. The first step in the process is to shop our website and find the product you need from our Cattle Squeeze Chutes For Sale. You may also locate a product that is not on our website and we will be able to get you that product or something similar.

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It is best to complete the online application for squeeze chute financing so we can get started with payments as low as $120.00. We spend time reviewing your information, and communicating to the banks. Then, we will negotiate terms that will work best for you. We have knowledge on this process, as we have helped many others (especially people who have credit challenged situations). We will contact you to complete the sale and financing process. You will likely have paperwork to sign and complete, but we make it as easy as possible. We are always available for any questions you may have. If we don’t know how to answer your question, we know who to contact. Be sure to ask us about our Rent To Own and Lease To Own Programs for any of your farm equipment needs.

What is a Squeeze Chute?

A squeeze chute helps keep animals in place (typically cattle). You are then safely able to care for the animal, provide medication to the animal or allow mothers to nurse. These are also called a cattle chute. They can have spring-loaded side exit doors for larger animals. Other models have auto headgates and sliding rear tailgates features. To learn more about cattle chutes, click the link and watch this YouTube video.

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Squeeze Chutes For Sale

We look to make the turnaround time on your squeeze chutes for sale as quick as possible. The more complete and accurate information you can provide is always helpful. It is also important to be responsive when we are trying to contact you, so we don’t get hung up on something our lenders are questioning. Click Apply Now at the top of this website to get started now!

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We have for sale a selection of Calf Creep Feeders, a Cattle Sweep System and a Horse Run In Shed. The brands we sell are Tarter, CountryLine and ShelterLogic. Be sure to check out these web pages if you have other Farm Equipment needs we can help with.