Livestock Equipment Financing

Farm Equipment Financing Bad Credit

Browse our website for Farm Equipment Financing Bad Credit (as low as $61.00 per installment). We have Calf Creep Feeders, a Cattle Sweep Systems, Cattle Chutes and a Horse Run In Shed. The brands we sell are Tarter, CountryLine and ShelterLogic. Be sure to check out these web pages if you have other Farm Equipment Financing needs we can help with.

Farm Equipment Loans for Bad Credit

We help you get Farm Equipment Loans for Bad Credit and Farm Equipment Financing (installments as low as $61.00). Call us at 866-300-2070 if you don't see what you need. We want to talk to you about your needs and the features you are looking for. We can get access to just about any farm product you want. If not, we can find something similar that will work for you and your budget.

Traditional reasons to purchase

Livestock equipment is for property owners or renters, typically who live in rural areas. This equipment and the animals in your care may require substantial land and area. This will allow you to setup the arrangements properly. Many people who purchase these products are farmers. You may be farming products such as corn, wheat, soybeans or other grains. Other farms have cows, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats or other animals. In either scenario, you are likely to have a need for the products listed on our ShopEZCredit website. Many farmers conduct manual processes, instead of buying the necessary equipment. The reasons for not getting the equipment you need may be many. However, you should not let this stop you any longer! You may be concerned about the products being too expensive or unable to pay in full prices. You may have been turned down by companies looking to finance a cattle creep, cattle sweep system or horse run in shed. At this point, you may be down on yourself and unwilling to try again. You may think every company is alike, and that nobody wants to finance farmers unless they have perfect credit. Well, now there is an option for you!

Who else needs these items?

Veterinarians may need to have some of this livestock equipment as well. You may need to visit animals on other properties, or animals may come to your office or store. This products can help you provide the top-notch quality service you need to remain competitive in the industry and ensure customer satisfaction.

Rent to Own Farm Equipment

We find rent to own farm equipment solutions for people that struggle to get approvals from standard companies. We work hard to find lenders that say yes to your application. This is never easy, as many companies look at a number of underwriting factors in their decision making process. This may include your FICO score, the past payment histories (30 days late, 90 days late or more), how frequent you make payments, how long credit accounts are opened and much more. In addition, companies traditionally look at your current employment situation, pay frequency, employee W-2 wages, self-employed 1099 statements and even tax returns. If you have public records, such as collections, judgements, bankruptcies, alimony, liens, etc please let us know. We can pass along this information and find out what you need to be approved. We can also gather details on additional income, such as rental property, farm income, investments, Social Security benefits, etc.

Locating your equipment

Livestock equipment can be used in many places. Many times you will want to keep cattle on an elevated parcel of land, in order to keep the ground from become saturated and muddy. When areas of low level land is used, the water drains to that area and cause sloppy conditions for the animals and food you are providing. This also can become difficult if you are trying to provide care to a horse, cow or other livestock.

Putting the product together

Placing livestock equipment on your land can be done at any time. It can be helpful to do this during summer months, when the land is likely dry. The dry land will make it easier to put the equipment together. The last thing you want to be doing is getting mud in the joints during assembling. Another good idea is to choose a weekend when no rain is in the forecast. This will give you more time to put it together, rather than only getting a few hours in the evening after the workday, during the week.

Properly care for your animals

Livestock is very important to help you gather your animals on your property. This will allow you to properly care for the animals by keeping them in place in a safe and secure environment. The creep feeders gather cows and other animals in other areas as they are drawn to the food. The horse run in sheds assist during weather concerns to keep rain or food dry. A cattle sweep system is helpful when you need to corral animals in an orderly fashion. A squeeze chute is helpful to keep the animals in place and under control for doctor evaluations or other important maintenance tasks.