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Bad Credit Jewelry

We have Bad Credit Jewelry as low as $46.00 every installment. This is important to us, as we have 20 years in this industry. You may have a low credit score or payment concerns in the past. This is ok! We have about 75% of our applicants approved for some sort of financing option, so we ask you to give us an opportunity.

Jewelry Stores That Finance Bad Credit

Our company ecommerce store is setup as one of many Jewelry Stores That Finance Bad Credit (as low as $46.00 every installment). The overall process is to find a product you like and complete an application to send us your information. We review several of our finance companies to find you the best deal. We will make you aware of the finance contract details and you will need to read the contract in its entirety. Once you sign and send in the application, we will get the jewelry sent out as soon as possible so you can have your item.

Jewelry Finance Companies

We are one of many Jewelry Finance Companies but have unique programs to help people get setup with rent to own jewelry. This means you will have a jewelry payment plan with specific payment amounts that will need to be required. Jewelry Financing Companies have plans that will require payments every 2 weeks. We can inform you about the number of payments you will need to make over time, your interest rate and the APY (annual percentage yield). Our rent to own jewelry program is similar to lease to own programs as well.

What are the different types of jewelry?

We have several different types of jewelry on our website. See below for more details.

Engagement Rings

First, we have rent to own engagement rings. This item is special because it resembles the importance of the person you are proposing marriage to. The details are very important, regarding the looks and appearance. Each individual person has likes and dislikes that should be considered. We have a website designed for engagement ring financing. This can help you understand more about our products and financing we offer.

Wedding Bands

Next, we have rent to own wedding bands. This may come in a number of different ways. One option is to get a trio set, which means 2 wedding bands and the engagement ring are purchased. Another option is to get the wedding bands by themselves. People purchase these items so the jewelry is matching. Either way, we are interested in helping you with this jewelry purchase.


We also have Rent to Own Earrings. Many people are interested in diamond earrings, but many different types exist on the market. This product is purchased to accent other jewelry you already have, or stand alone as an attractive item. Earrings are a wonderful gift idea for a spouse or significant other.


Then, we have Rent to Own Bracelets. Bracelets are a fashionable item and looks great with many of the styles and designs on the market. There are many types of bracelets, including tennis and charm bracelets. Each are gorgeous in their own way, but make a statement to those around you.


We also have Rent to Own Necklaces. These are beautiful items that are able to project the personality you desire. Necklaces resemble elegance, and come in a variety of styles and designs. One of the most popular items we carry is diamond necklaces. Other items that are popular for people looking for necklaces are different styles of necklaces, such as sterling silver or gold. The length of the necklace is important, especially if you want a choker necklace. In addition, many people have charms attached to their product.

Apple Watch

We also have Rent to Own Apple Watches. This is a symbol of someone that wants to keep up with the latest technology trends. These products are a great way to show off new apps that are developed, while remaining stylish with the bands and colors of your choice.

How can I get something that is not on your website?

This is simple for us. We need you to find the product you are looking for on the web. Send us the URL of that page. Otherwise, we need the make, model and year of that product. Any additional details are very helpful, such as the features or specifications of exactly what you are looking for. This information can be sent during or after the application is started on our website. Keep in mind that other fees, including shipping charges may apply for this custom order to work out. Also, we may not be able to find the exact product you want. Either way, we will do our best and get back to you with the best available match. You can then tell us if we are able to proceed. You can also tell us to keep trying to find something else. Again, we want your business so we commit to do our best!

Where are you located?

We are an ecommerce store, located in Jeffersonville Indiana. We do not have a storefront, as many of our competitors may. This allows us to cut out additional expenses that many jewelry stores occur. We can keep our prices as low as possible and pass along that savings to you. As always, you will need to consider the finance charges that will apply for financing the product. That being said, it can always work out to your advantage to finance the item and pay it over a longer period of time. This helps you retain money in your pocket now for emergencies or maintain a rainy day fund.

Info about Diamonds

Have you ever wondered about all the details regarding diamonds? Spend some time in research with these topics to help you.

Clarity is important, so find out what different types of grading means.

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The valuation of diamonds is crucial when selecting your item.

Info about Gold

It is important to know about the main element of the product as well.

This links provides updates for the manufacturing process of gold.

Get detailed information for the difference between small and large karats.

Why should I consider ShopEZCredit?

We are a small business that wants to provide assistance for you. We are very interested in your wants and desires, and will do everything we can to get “yes” answers from our lenders. We only succeed when you are able to get the product you want. We consider ourselves an advocate for you in the purchase progression. We can help explain any documentation the lenders are requesting, the questions they need answered and details you need answers for about their lending.

We provide free delivery and other rent to own companies aren’t as private as we are. We won’t send a truck with a rent to own company logo to your driveway, which saves you embarrassment or unwelcomed discussions from your neighbors. Contact us or apply today to get started!