Wedding Ring Payment Plans

Buy Now Pay Later Bridal Sets

Our buy now pay later bridal sets program (as low as $59.00 every payment) can help you avoid using all of your hard earned paycheck on this item when you have other necessities. You won't need to pay the full item price up front, but you will need to make a down payment. Submit an online application and learn more about our wedding ring payment plans.

Buy Now Pay Later Wedding Ring Sets

No cash, no credit, no problem. Our Buy Now Pay Later Wedding Ring Sets solutions can help with any situation with installments as low as $59.00. We specialize in wedding ring set financing. Please let us know how we can help. We are standing by, waiting for you to contact us. Allow us to help you shop and find the wedding ring set financing you are looking for.

Find the perfect wedding ring for the love of your life!

Now is the time to find what you need. No more waiting for what you want, because your wedding day is approaching soon! You likely have many other expenses that require your cash. Browse through our selection and get learn about our wedding ring payment plans. We carry wedding ring sets and we also have a great selection of wedding ring trio sets. Look through our ring selection to get the wedding ring of your dreams. We carry various types of rings to suit your needs.

Wondering which ring is best for your wedding?

There are many choices, and knowing where to turn is important. That’s why we’ve created a gallery of white gold and yellow gold diamond wedding bands you are looking for. Don’t forget that everyone needs rings, so it may be important to find multiple rings in your search. You might be looking for one of our wedding ring sets. If you are the bride or the groom, you need a ring that will last. These types of items are worth the investment, they will create memories for a lifetime. Ring bearers can be young children, and what better way to see a beautiful, shiny piece that is delivered at your wedding for presentation.

Wedding rings provide the final touch

If your bride or groom to-be was excited about the engagement ring that was given to them, don’t expect that they want anything less than the best for the wedding band. It is vital to create the best match for the purchase, not just any piece of jewelry. Be sure to spend time finding the highest quality diamond wedding ring your money can afford. No time is better than now to buy quality. Spending the extra money should pay off in the long run, rather than finding something just to get by.

Wedding Bands are an important part of the ceremony

Many will have their wedding at a church, local venue or even at their home. These ceremonies have family, friends, neighbors and others in attendance. Everyone is watching this special day and/or event, which is important if they are anticipating your big day. It’s important to make a statement that you care for those you love, and how much you want to get the ring that they want the most. Don’t regret your decision by finding a knock off version, buying used or just finding something that just gets you by.

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"Wow! ShopEZCredit is easy to work with and I found a beautiful ring for our wedding. I found online shopping to be helpful because our credit wasn't good and many other options were just too expensive."

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