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Rent to Own Water Heater

Please contact us today to get started with our Rent to Own Water Heater application (possibly can be $72.00 every payment). We can get you started and on your way to getting a new unit, just in time! Search our selection of items and get what you need as soon as possible.

Water Heater Financing

We pride ourselves in having options for Water Heater Financing as low as $72.00 every installment. We get you setup on a payment plan that will be suited for your budget and provide an easy bi-weekly payment. No need to make a large downpayment, we just require a fraction of the total item cost to get started. Apply today and find out how long you will need to make payments for with our contracts.

Tell me about this product

These items are available in different brands and sizes. You may also get a certain color that you are wanting. In general, these units are stored out of plain sight in your home. So they don’t have many styles to choose from. That being said, you can find that larger tanks will hold more water capacity. Purchasing a larger tank might help in a situation where you are running out of hot water, typically from baths or showers. The unit will typically have a dial for the heat setting, which can be adjusted to warm up or cool down the proper temperature.

What exactly is this unit made for?

A Water Heater is designed to turn cold water running in to your home, into warm water. The warm water can be distributed to your showers, sinks and dishwater. This is important because it can provide comfort, cleanliness and an alternative to cold water outputs.

This item is a large tank that is directly connected to the water source in your home. In addition, the unit will have a pilot light that runs and keeps the unit in operation. The heat provided by a fuel source will eventually increase the water temperature. Then, the water will be distributed to areas of the home where it is turned on with the hot water dial or knob. The dishwasher naturally connects with the hot water line to ensure the increased temperature is provided for cleaning.

Are you in urgent need of a new item?

A water heater is a common item that can be frustrating to deal with. The item may go out in the middle of the night, causing your next day to involve a cold water shower. Then, you might wash your dishes with cold water. Upon recognition of the malfunction, you may wish to get a new water heater. This will likely depend on the manner in which your item is broken, unrepairable or damaged. It may be more advantageous from a cost standpoint to have a licensed contractor install a new product, than repair the current product. In addition, the normal wear and tear on the unit will eventually require replacement due to rust, the inability to operate or malfunction.

Water Heater Installation

This product is usually installed by a licensed contractor that is experienced with installation for this item. It is likely not recommended to install this product on your own, as it can be dangerous to improperly stage the settings for the fuel lines and water lines. As always, ShopEZCredit does not provide advice or consultation on the proper usage of your product. You should read the entirety of the owners-manual upon receipt of this item, and ensure a trained professional is involved with your installation. The incorrect temperature settings could easily cause burns and these products have been known for explosions when improperly installed.

Who purchases this item?

Many people will need access to this product. You may be a homeowner, renter, non-profit organization or private business. There are many situations where you will need hot water to provide the proper temperature to the appliance or hose. Hot water may be extremely important in northern US States, due to the colder climate and additional need for warm water.

Where Hot Water Heaters are stored in your home

A hot water heater is usually kept out of the normal view of sight in a home. This means it is stored away in a closet in a home or apartment with one level. In homes with a basement, it is possible to have the unit in a basement where it is not seen on a daily basis.

When is the best time to apply?

The best opportunity to get a new water heater is now! We can help you get a product that you are looking for, especially if you are in an immediate need. Why wait? ShopEZCredit is a reputable online store, with a rich history of excellent customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy, and normally with this product, you need it fast. We work on your behalf to make this happen for you. Get started with us today by completing our online application and beginning the financing process.