Finding Tanning Beds Online

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Rent to Own Tanning Bed

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Benefits of these products

Tanning beds are an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful skin color you are looking for. It is very convenient to have this product in the comfort of your own home. No more heading out and paying booth fees to a local business….you can now enjoy the benefits of ownership of a unit.

How do they work?

Tanning beds use special lamps to produce a subtle replication of the rays of the sun, using ultraviolet rays in order to help your skin show off a color that is attractive and appealing to the human eye. Experience the confidence of a great looking you, just as many people have. You can combine this with other beauty techniques, such as nail care, styling or coloring hair, exercising or even weight loss programs. Imagine how great you will feel, when you spend just a few minutes taking care of your skin.


These units have a cover to ensure the tan is provided to the front, back and sides of your skin. Many beds have fans that help keep the units or lamps from getting too hot.


It is important to use care when operating a tanning bed. We are not experts in safety, but it is important to find the operations manual and follow step by step instructions for the unit. The instructions should indicate how to set the timer, so that exposure is limited to the correct amount of time and burning does not occur. In addition, it is likely important to avoid operation when drowsy or tired, as you may fall asleep and not realize any skin damage or pain you could be experiencing. Be sure to protect your eyes as much as possible. Again, it is important to consult your manufacturer and it should never be advised to operate these units outside of their guidelines.

Common features

Some of the features of these units are the audio systems, facial tanners, larger tanning surfaces, decorative bases, pre-assembled and standing units. Our website has pricing listed, so be sure to check out our selection to help you with your purchase. Many of these units are ready to be plugged in to a wall for power. Be sure to understand the height, width, length and weight to ensure you have the proper space in your living area to place and store it.