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Are you looking for a Rower For Sale as low as $54.00 per installment? Look no further, ShopEZCredit is here for you. Browse our selection and decide if we have your best option. Our Rowing Machine Finance program is very popular. Keep in mind that we can help you get setup with payment plans using our Rowing Machine Finance Rent To Own and Lease To Own Programs.

Rowing Machine Payment Plan

You may be thinking to yourself that you have no options, especially if you have bad credit or no credit built at all. No worries for ShopEZCredit, now we can get to work for your Rowing Machine Payment Plan (as small as installments of $54.00). When we gather your information, we can then spend our time locating the financing options available for you. We have worked with many people over the years, and know exactly how you feel. We understand your predicament, because many people have relied on us to give them the support they need when it matters the most. We are unlike most bad credit retailers, in that we care for you and your specific needs. We recognize many individuals are in the credit position because of circumstances they couldn't prevent. Many people have told us it is because of medical bills, divorce filings or unreasonable collections departments that weren't willing to help or work with you. We don't hesitate to help you, and explain circumstances to our lenders if necessary. Then, your Concept 2 Rower Finance process is much easier than your experiences you may have had in the past.

Not all rowing machines are made the same

Browse our Rowing Machine inventory and find a great machine to finance. Our Rowing Machine For Sale have a variety of accessories, make sure you get the ones you want! Get smooth rowing strokes, comfort seating, stability, workout information tracking/logging and heart rate monitoring.

Get a complete workout, with the right indoor equipment

Are you ready to start feeling great and start looking great? Get a rowing machine today! This is a wonderful addition to your current home gym. Don't settle for cheap, knock-off equipment. Get the best, with the latest styles and features that you will keep you excited and motivated.

A great workout, all within the comfort of your home

Rowing Machines are one of only a few that are easy to store and won't get in the way in your home, apartment or living area. These are easy to store and typically can be moved by one or two people because they aren't extra heavy.

Multi-task with this item

Forget the days of only doing one thing at a time. It is fun to watch your favorite shows, the news, sports or other entertainment. Staying healthy and exercising is also important. Now you can do both, at the same time! You may not even notice that you are spending time rowing back and forth, which will make this habit a part of your lifestyle and much more enjoyable. Gone are the days when working out isn't fun!

Remember the key is to pace yourself

Check out what what the Crossfit Journal website says about pacing yourself on rowing machines: Click Here

Beers, Emily. “Pace Makes Race.” 19 May 2014.
CrossFit Journal,
Accessed 13 April 2019.

The worst thing to do, is nothing at all!

Stop procrastinating! We all know we need to build a lifestyle of healthy activity and exercise. It all starts with finding the right equipment. We can't expect different results without change. So start today! It is possible to build habits that will change your life, but we can't keep putting it off. Start today, and feel great about what you will accomplish in the next few months. Imagine what your co-workers, family and friends will start saying once they see your new passion and excitement for change!

Maintenance and support

These rowing machines are much more durable and maintenance free that other types of indoor gym equipment in the market. New or additional parts should be readily available and should be ordered through the manufacturer. It is best to refer to the operators manual that you receive with your new product for additional information on this topic.

We want your business!

We understand shopping can be frustrating. We are here to help if you can't find the exact product you are looking for, are unable to get appropriate financing for your machine or just need customer service. Nothing is worse than finding out you can get the help you deserve, when you need it the most. That's what sets us apart from the rest. We are a small, family owned business that strives to make a pleasant shopping experience for you. Look no further, look to us for expertise and advice to get the new item you need today!

Finding solutions is our expertise

Now you have found the rowing machine you want. But wait, you don't have the cash in the bank to buy it outright!