Financing Options for Bad or Poor Credit

Above Ground Pool Financing

No challenge is too difficult for us to tackle, so be sure to apply for above ground pool financing with us (as low as $104.00). Let us get to work on your behalf. We request your information with an online application, so we can discuss details with banks and financial institutions looking to grow their business by financing more pool products. We can help you get setup for a swimming pool payment plan with certain interest rates and the number of payments you will need.

Rent to Own Swimming Pool

ShopEZCredit is here to help you with our rent to own swimming pool and lease to own swimming pool programs as small as $104.00. We exist to help you make connections with lenders that are ready and willing to finance your new pool. This can sometimes be challenging, however, ShopEZCredit has established relationships with lenders that understand your situation and specialize in poor credit situations.


ShopEZCredit is not a manufacturer or an expert in safety. Be sure to read any product owners manual or contact the manufacturer directly for the most up to date and accurate safety precautions. You should rely on the owners manual or the manufacturer, along with your doctor or national/state/local safety officials/regulations, to understand the best way to be safe around pools. In addition, be sure to understand the risks associated with pools. It is important to spend time preparing to avoid potential future situations, especially with children or animals. Again, it is not expressed or implied to rely on ShopEZCredit for any safety advice. These discussion topics are for possible research areas for you to explore.

Who enjoys swimming pools?

Pools are designed for children and adults alike. Swimming in a pool can be a highlight of a child’s day. Many children enjoy jumping into the pool, swimming under water and using floats to stay above the surface of the water. It is always fun for kids to swim to the bottom to find their favorite pool toys, shoot basketball on a floating toy or use a pool noodle to aid them in their efforts to swim around. Our understanding is that it is important to avoid diving in most pools to avoid head injuries.

Are adults interested in above ground pools?

Adults are excited to spend time with their kids in an enjoyable activity. It can also be a great exercise to improve your health and reach fitness goals. Seniors enjoy pools for water aerobics, which can be easier on joints and muscles. Many people find relaxation around pools, getting fresh air and may also enjoy tanning naturally with the suns rays.

Others that may enjoy swimming

Teenagers find pool activity to be enjoyable, especially when friends can be invited to hangout. Coaches for teams can invite everyone for a wonderful bonding experience and throw a pitch-in lunch or dinner. Family, friends and neighbors will also benefit from your purchase as they would be able to have fun when you extend an invitation to these guests.

Where can I put a pool?

A pool can be located nearly anywhere in your yard. It is important to understand any places to avoid, which can be discussed in your safety manual when receiving the product. It is likely important to keep the pool away from underground or overhead power lines. It will also be helpful to have flat ground, and you may wish to contact a licensed contractor to ensure your area is properly prepared before installation and receive consulting for proper placement. Many people install decks around or near the pool for more appealing appearance, the ability to lock doors and fences or help with easier steps for entering the pool. Be sure to check local ordinances and neighborhood regulations prior to installing your pool. It can also be helpful to contact your landlord to ensure you are able to have a pool on site.

How long can I keep my pool open?

Purchasing a pool is safe and easy with our online application and phone customer service. Most pools are purchased after the winter season, to provide enough time for quality installation. This can be an excellent way to create excitement for the pool season, which is typically from Memorial Day to Labor Day in Midwestern US states. When you live in areas with longer months of warmer weather, you may be able to shorten or even avoid the time required to drain and close the pool. In colder climates, you may need to understand a more comprehensive plan to winterize the pool to avoid damage that this climate can create. As always, be sure to understand the necessary chemicals or testing required for the time of season and climate in your area. It can sometimes be helpful to visit a local pool store that specializes in these industries to gather the necessary supplies needed.

Applying to purchase a pool

Making a decision to buy a pool is an important purchase. You want to be sure to have all the common features you are looking for. You may be interested in a metal wall and top rail. Certain pools have a different look if you want a more stylish color. UV inhibitors provide extra protection. You may get rust resistant materials as well. Some pools will come with a sand filter system and pumps to help remove dirt and grime. It is important to have a ladder for entry into the pool. The pools are up to 324 inches for width and length and height of 54 inches.

Other things to consider with pools

Be sure to consider applying and re-applying sunscreen before and during pool activity. One of the worst experiences from pool activity is getting a sunburn after the fun and enjoyment. This can leave a bad experience that should be avoided.

How can I get my pool?

The pool will come delivered to your address. When it arrives, this is a do-it-yourself project or you may wish to hire a contractor to install the pool upon receipt. The manufacture will have instructions and details on how to construct the pool to proper specifications. It will be helpful to have a friend or two help you with the process, and be sure to allot several days as you will need to take breaks. Once you have assembled the product, you will be on your way to having fun in the sun. There isn’t too much better than having a pool on a hot summer day to cool down and relax from a hard day at work or school. When you have a weekend to host guests, you will be the center of attention with your new pool!