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Mobility Scooter Finance Bad Credit

ShopEZCredit is a great place for mobility scooter finance bad credit (starting installments as low as $70.00). These are also called Power Scooters. You may need to get away from your home or residence, and a power scooter is a great option to help. It can be an injury you’ve sustained, fatigue from walking distances, a handicap or ordered by your doctor to avoid falling.

Mobility Scooter Rent to Own

We already have companies that want to get more loans for Mobility Scooter Rent to Own contracts with payments as low as $70.00 every 2 weeks. We help obtain Rent to Own Scooters for the Disabled. If you haven’t purchased one of these devices in the past, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can help. If you don’t see something you like from our website, we may be able to find it for you. Our specialty is to finance the vehicle, so you are able to may affordable payments. ShopEZCredit does the work for you. All you need to do is find the product you need and make us aware of basic informational details.

What brands do you carry?

We have Pride Go-Go, Supascoota, Luggie Travel, E-Wheels and Golden Patriot.

Power Scooter Design

A power scooter is manufactured and designed similar to a power wheelchair. The main difference is that a power scooter usually has 3 or 4 wheels and a steering column. The steering column may have buttons for headlights, the ignition, a horn, turning signals or brakes. The handlebar likely has a twisting knob that controls the accelerator. The ignition typically requires a key to begin operation for safety and precaution measures. The power scooter normally has a basket on the front of the steering column, so you can carry items back and forth as needed. The unit may have a rear-view mirror and footrest area. These products may be driven into a handicapped equipped vehicle with proper ramps. We also have a model that folds to luggage size. These units are usually electric and battery powered. Be sure to check the weight capacity, which ranges from 250-500 pounds. Our pricing ranges from $70-$145 bi-weekly. The speed is from 4 MPH to 15 MPH. The driving range is 7-43 miles.

Disclaimer: ShopEZCredit is not an expert in Power Scooter safety.

You will need to consult with the safety documents provided when purchasing the product. Any information provided is simply for general purposes only. We do not imply or express any warranty, guarantee or advice. You should not rely on us for handicap/disability recommendations, standards or hazard.

What is so great about power scooters?

Power Scooters can be versatile. They normally have a cushioned seat, which provides enough comfort to help with longer rides. It is important to be cautious where you take the vehicle, because they are heavy and may tip over. It is likely wise to remain on fairly flat ground or surfaces. Be sure to contact the manufacturer or view the owners-manual for best practices relating to safe operation. The people who can benefit may be of any age, however, it is typical to need one of these vehicles as we get older. You may need one because you live near a grocery store across the street, or want to get outside for fresh air. There is nothing better than getting around, which could not be possible on your own. These scooters allow you to maintain your independence, and give physical assistance where necessary.

The people who use power scooters

Many people can use scooters to get around a grocery store, ride along a walking path, or ride on a sidewalk. It is likely wise to think ahead regarding safety. Plan your trip accordingly, and contact transportation, local, state and national agencies or departments to ensure you understand applicable laws. Use caution wherever you drive, and be sure to properly secure the device when leaving it to avoid improper usage, vandalism or disappearance.

This can be an expensive purchase

Purchasing a power scooter can be a sizable amount. You may not have all the money required for a new item or down payment required from standard financing. You may be under physical, mental, social or emotional stress. This is where we come in. ShopEZCredit understands the situation you are in, and we look to find reasonable APY or Interest Rates so you can make bi-weekly payments. This payment plan is much more flexible than using all of your savings now. We can look for the best option for your specific financial situation, and get the number of payments worked out for you. Contact us now so we can get started on your behalf!

Quit trying to do life without one

Many people may struggle with life when they aren’t using a power scooter. It is frustrating to not get daily tasks completed as you may once have. If you have a need to own a power scooter, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are standing by and ready to help you. If you are frustrated from not having your independence or mobility, now is the time to fix this. Many people can get help from government income sources or family members as well.

Mobility Scooter Finance Nearly No Credit Check

Our website is for Mobility Scooter Finance Nearly No Credit Check. We do run credit, but we consider many factorcs besides credit with our underwriters. We also specialize in helping people that don't have perfect credit scores. There are many ways to get your scooter. We would love for you to come to ShopEZCredit for your needs. We use an online application to gather nearly instant approvals. We may need some additional paperwork from you, but to get started it only takes your basic information. This gets the ball moving on our side, to allow us to contact lenders or banks that love financing these types of items. They have dealt with customers in your shoes before. They understand you may have concerns with your credit score, payment history or other factors that traditional financing companies decline.