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Air Conditioner Financing Bad Credit

We exist to help customers find financing options, especially for Air Conditioner Financing Bad Credit with payments as low as $99.00. We will be in touch with you regarding your application, to help you understand the terms and conditions offered by the bank or financial institution. This means you will be aware of your term (number of payments), the interest rate and/or annual percentage yield and the bi-weekly payment amount.

Rent to Own Air Conditioner

We appreciate you visiting our website for Rent to Own Air Conditioner products, with payments as low as $99.00. We help make the connection between the buyer looking for the product and the finance company providing a loan. This is usually better than renting and an alternative to immediately owning the product. View our inventory below to find something you are interested in!

Know what you are buying

It is important to review the details webpages to understand what you are purchasing. Some of the units are designed for mobile homes, residential homes and central air systems. You will want to be aware of the evaporator and outdoor unit height, weight and width. The pricing ranges from as low as $99.00 bi-weekly to $160.00 bi-weekly.

What is an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is an important part of everyone’s home. It can be placed in many different types of homes, such as a mobile home, secondary residence, apartment or single family residence. The main function of the product is to provide cool air inside the home, especially during times of warm outdoor weather.

An air conditioner may be considered a luxury for some people, while others consider it mandatory. It can be especially dangerous to be without cool air if a doctor has required an individual to avoid access heat conditions.

This product is generally installed by a licensed contractor. The unit will have a dedicated power line to ensure adequate current and voltage. Some air conditioners are placed as a window unit and plugged into a wall socket. Be sure to consult your licensed contractor and electrician to understand the safety concerns of these products. In addition, this will allow you to properly and safely install and mount the products per the manufacturer’s specifications.

When this unit is normally purchased

This unit is in high demand during the summer months. This is due to current products breaking, inadequately operating at proper capacity or losing operating life from normal wear and tear. There isn’t much worse than having extreme temperatures from the outdoors seeping into your home. An air condition spreads cools air to the specified areas and reasonably regulates the proper need for consistent, mild temperatures. In addition, it can keep you from feel overwhelmed by the combination of heat and humidity, which usually causes us to sweat. This sticky environment is generally uncomfortable to most people and guests that may enter your home.

Applying with ShopEZCredit

Applying with ShopEZCredit is faster and safer than ever. We take pride in our customer service and response times, which means we will take appropriate action to address any concerns you may have and keep our website up to date. Please let us know if you are aware of anything causing you delays or frustrations, as we want to make your visit as easy as possible.

The best thing to do is find a product on our website that you want to apply for. Click the apply now button and our system will help you complete part of the application. We will need you to complete your information, so we can allow our lenders to accurately underwrite the program. Once we have received a decision, our team will be there to guide your through the remaining process. We’re proud of our high approval rates, which means many people are able to obtain “Yes” answers from the banks/lenders. We aren’t able to get approvals for everyone, and some people may not qualify for our standard lenders. That being said, If you need something fast and haven’t found other options, ShopEZCredit may be the place to help you.

Typical buyers of this product

Many people need air conditioner units. This includes homeowners, landlords and business owners. Homeowners need this product to keep their home cool and regulated for the appropriate temperature. Landlords need to maintain their properties for their tenants, including apartments or homes. Businesses can have a variety of needs, such as a beauty salon, office setting, restaurant or retail store. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any of these needs, we might be able to help you!

Location of the unit

This product is normally placed outdoors near the backside of the home. It is generally placed out of the view or the front of the house. In addition, the unit can become noisy at times, so it is common to have it away from decks or patios where you may commonly sit or have visitors. That being said, a licensed contractor and/or electrician will need to access your situation and determine the best placement per manufacture specifications. In addition, some air conditioners are window units and should be properly installed to avoid accidental air seeping into the home.

These products can be purchased at many stores across the United States. This might include large, big box retailers or local hardware stores. You might even be able to purchase through a contractor. That being said, very few specialize in helping people with financing or second chance options.

How easy do you make the financing process?

Getting a new air conditioner unit has never been easier. We will work on your application and approval as soon as we receive it. Once we have an answer back from the lenders that you are approved, we get the product shipped to you. It is that easy and quick.

Many people purchase this product when they have to buy it. This means they wait until it is broken or not working, then scramble to make the purchase. This can leave you without a product for days, weeks or months before it can be purchased and properly installed. Don’t forget that you will likely need to schedule a licensed contractor/electrician to install the unit. These individuals may also be able to advise you on the type of product you need.