Swing Sets

Rent To Own Swing Sets

Go to our Swing Sets webpage and find a playset you like then fill out our Rent To Own Swing Sets application (payments begin at $89.00 as low as). When we contact you, we will find a way to get what you need. We can help you find a financing plan that will work for you, even if you have had credit problems in the past! We will help you get setup on payment plans so you don't have to pay in full up front.

Playset Selection

Our outdoor wooden Rent to Own Playsets selection is great ($89.00 is lowest possible pricing)! Head over and check our inventory of Swing Sets and fill out our credit application. It's easy. We will contact you within a few hours and get you approved for financing, then we can get your playset shipped to your home at no additional cost.

What do we carry?

While there is a lot of options to choose from, we carry top brand swing sets. If you don't see the swing set you really want on our site, then call us and let us know and we can get it! Our goal is to get your child the playset they want!

What if I don't find anything I like?

That's ok! We can still help. Go online and find something you like, and let us know. We should be able to get that product or something very similar.

What about shipping?

First find the outdoor set you want, and fill out our application. Once we contact you we will finalize the details of your contract and ship the playset to your home for free! (in most states). That's right! Wooden outdoor swing sets are heavy and expensive, but we will have it delivered to your home! If you have any questions just call us at the phone number listed in the contact info section below.

Child Health Benefits that can be attained

In this age of screens and technology, it's very important for kids to get outside! A outdoor swing set is a great way for your kids to have fun and exercise outside! The best part is how exciting it can be. Playing on an outdoor playset might burn over 200 calories an hour and might even condition your children's joints and muscles to become stronger. Going to the park is great exercise, but children that have swing sets in their own yard tend to play outside much more than children that do not.

For more information about health benefits that can be attained, please read the article below: Click Here

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Swing Set Safety

While having a wooden playset can be fun, you must consider safety. For example, you may need to have the right barriers and choose the right part of your yard for the swing set. Your child's safety should be a priority! As parents/guardians, we can't think of every scenario that might arise, but it doesn't hurt to research potential concerns that can arise and keep the play area as safe as possible.

If you want more information about safety, please read the article below: Click Here

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"My kids absolutely love our new swing set. I love how much more my kids enjoy being outdoors and playing now. Last summer I could not find anyone to get me approved for credit but this year I found you online! Everything was easy and came just as your website advertised. We are so happy with our purchase from your shopezcredit.com website. "

Brenda S. - Kentucky