Mattress On Finance

Beds On Finance Nearly No Credit Check No Deposit

If you are wondering where can I get Beds On Finance Nearly No Credit Check No Deposit, look no further! (We have payments as low as $47.00 every 2 weeks). Our company was founded with credit challenged individuals in mind. This means people that have ran into financial troubles or may have bad credit. This might include having difficulty in your past paying medical bills, divorce situations or past public records. We understand that many of these situations may not have even been your fault. We believe in spending time with you to understand how we can help. We do require credit checks and small deposits with our Mmttress packages, however, you can be assured that we have a greater chance than typical lenders to get approvals so you are on your way to owning a product you desire.

Get a Bed on Credit

We have found solutions for many people who need to Get a Bed on Credit. Our Rent to Own Mattress Sets have installments as low as $47.00 every 2 weeks and will have higher than average approvals. We have lower Interest Rates or APY Rates compared to other Rent To Own King Size Mattress or Lease to Own King Size Mattress stores. Our Rent to Own Mattress Sets programs will allow you to make bi-weekly payments, in a structured manner to pay down any balance you may have for the mattress purchase. When you like the item and continue your payments per your agreement, it may be possible to eventually earn the item. This means your mattress payment plan may allow you to own the mattress free and clear. Please see terms and conditions for details.

Rent to Own Memory Foam Mattress

Finding a quality bed is not easy. We help you by giving you a selection of Rent to Own Memory Foam Mattress options for financing. We have beds that are new and can be delivered to you quickly. Looking online for products is becoming more frequent, and we are here to help. We’re constantly improving our websites, and making them more user friend and helpful to deliver you a better shopping experience. It doesn’t take long, and you can find many options that are great beds to choose from.

King Prices

The average king size mattress on our website will cost as low as $54 bi-weekly for memory foam mattresses.


The size of the king size mattresses on our e-commerce website is anywhere from 10 to 12 inches.

Queen Prices

The average queen size mattress on our website is as low as $57 bi-weekly. The box springs will cost $24 bi-weekly.

Details of mattress pricing

Mattresses are made with special fabric, which is designed to help you sleep better and provide comfort for your wellbeing. There is a lot of research that is conducted in order to fully manufacture a quality mattress. There are also many inner woven fabrics and mechanical pieces such as springs. So, as you see here, the parts and labor that are required to develop high quality products are expensive. In addition, the manufacturing companies must make a profit in order for the manufacturing process worth it to them. Retailers, such as us, must pass along these costs, in our pricing to determine a reasonable sales price. The total price will also include any finance fees or loan costs.

Online store for a mattress

Find the mattress you need for your home or apartment. The king size has a much larger area for your comfort. You may want this size if you are struggling with falling out of bed, getting elbowed or kneed from your partner/spouse/pet or need greater length because of height.

Accessories to consider

It is important to find a quality mattress protector, in case a liquid attempts to stain the mattress itself. The last thing you want is to have a soft drink spill on the bed and ruin the appearance. Next, a pillowtop cover can be important for added comfort. Finally, ensure you have what is needed to fully assemble your mattress to the bed frame. You will likely need screwdrivers, drills or other tools.

People who need a mattress

Everyone needs a comfortable mattress to sleep on. You may live on your own or have others who live with you. Either way, the comfort of a quality mattress is an essential part of your quality of life.

Getting turned down for financing?

We have financing available to help you get the mattress you are looking for. You may be interested in purchasing a mattress, but you can't get approved for a financing program offered by traditional companies. That is where we come in. We make the finance process easy for you. A mattress will provide you comfort and reassure your well-being.

Leading Brands in the industry

We have mattresses available from leading brands in the industry. You can be assured the products you receive will be ready and delivered to your home. The feel and smell of a new mattress is unlike anything else you can get. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve. We work to get instant approvals with lending companies we have as reference.

Apply and get instant feedback

You are able to apply online instantly with our website and technology. We will work fast to get your application approved. You may no longer have to complete paper applications, submit faxes or even send emails. We no longer have to manually submit your information to finance companies. We have upgraded our process to ensure you are getting the fastest results as possible. We have converted several of our processes to paperless documentation, which helps the environment with less paper consumption.

Likely benefits from new mattresses

The positive results you can attain from a new mattress is vast. That being said, one of the best benefits is the result of decreased mental stress for some people. You might experience better rest and maybe even health benefits. But you can also experience mental and emotional alleviation. This happens when you know you have quality products in one of the most important areas of your home, the bedroom. The bedroom is where people typically spend more than 6 hours of the 24 hour day resting and becoming refreshed. There is nothing worse than having restless sleep and being unable to function properly. Remove the obstacle of having to worry about the appearance of your home by getting financing for a new mattress with ShopEZCredit.

How are you able to get approvals with bad credit customers?

We have a unique position in the market. We have connections with well-capitalized finance companies that are looking to help you structure a payment plan over the coming months. The rent to own contracts we establish can benefit you greatly. This is a better alternative than renting alone, as you may have some rights to future ownership. Be sure to read your contract in detail to understand the terms and conditions that apply. Each company, contract and product can differ, so be sure to check with us as soon as possible with the questions you might have regarding ownership. Please keep in mind rent to own and lease to own contracts have requirements on your part as well. The contract will typically spell out your required payments, the interest rates or annual percentage yields, the number of payments required and any other terms that can apply in cases of late payments or defaults. It is always important to ask questions and lean on us to provide expertise about your specific situation. We strive to have better pricing and lower bi-weekly payments than other rent to own or lease to own stores. We keep your information private and you won’t see a delivery truck with Rent to Own branding arrive at your residence.

How does financing work?

The FICO and credit scoring bureaus can be very difficult to understand. Banks and many financial institutions rely heavily on the decisions and outcomes of the FICO score. It is uncommon to find specialized finance companies willing to approve less than favorable scores. We do the difficult work here, and communicate directly with high level employees and executives. We are able to do this because of the expertise we bring to the table when negotiating with these companies. We have to provide assurance that our customers have the ability and capacity to pay back loans they may take out. This can be the reason we request additional information from time to time. The last thing a bank wants to do is finance someone who can’t afford it or doesn’t have the means to facilitate proper payment schedules. This is not only irresponsible on behalf of the finance company, but not a position you want to be in either. Many people who are unable to consistently pay their bills will file bankruptcy, find themselves with liens or are forced to accept responsibility for judgements. Other methods of collections involve 3rd party call centers that pressure you.

What is different about a mattress?

A mattress is different than any other furniture piece in your home. A mattress is rectangular in shape and can vary in thickness. The shape of the bed allows easy access to get in and out. It also allows for our natural height and body composition to contour to the curves of our spine. A mattress can be a firm or soft fit.

Best places to put a bed

A bed is normally located in a separate room from your couches, lounge chairs, sofas or sectionals. The size of the mattress and boxspring require a good amount of space. That being said, many people are able to comfortably fit dressers, ottomans, endtables and other furniture that can be placed in the bedroom. It will mainly depend on your residence and the spaces you have to work with. Be sure to measure the width and length of the room before purchase. Also, don’t forget to consider having the bed near an electrical plug if you have controls for adjusting the headrest or body contours.

What mattresses and features do you have available?

ShopEZCredit has hybrid mattresses, copper & gel infused memory foam. We have mattresses in a box, medium comfort, US Certified Foam® and some are handcrafted in the USA. Many come with a warranty. We have quilted mattresses, cool gel memory foam, and CertiPUR US® certified mattresses. You can get hyper-elastic polymer beds, green tea mattresses, responsive foam and copper infused memory foam. Some mattresses are ergonomic and help with body support. Others can help avoid germ odors to build on your mattress. Many items use chemicals that are not harmful and are environmentally friendly materials. Be sure to check out the product page for each item for further details.