Portable Oxygen Tank

Oxygen Equipment Rental

We offer Oxygen Equipment Rental with our Rent to Own Portable Oxygen Concentrator program (initial payments of as low as $125.00). Concentrators are typically portable, with a chargeable battery that helps operate the power. The unit has an AC/DC adapter to plug in to the wall for charging or direct operation. Some units come with a cart to pull the unit across your carpet or flooring. We have Oxygen Concentrator Financing and carry Oxlife, Inogen and SeQual brands. Oxygen concentrators are essential for your health, when these units are recommended by your doctor.

Portable Oxygen Tank Financing

ShopEZCredit is here to assist you with your portable oxygen tank financing payments at $125.00 that might be available. If you are in a position where you can’t afford to buy a product on your own, contact us. You may not have enough cash to budget right now for an outright purchase, but we can help you get portable oxygen tank financing so you can get a low monthly payment instead. We also have rent to own programs that might be what you are looking for.

Portable Oxygen Tank Rental

You may have been consulted by your doctor to obtain a portable oxygen tank rental for your health. You may have experienced a stroke, pneumonia, heart condition or other major health concern. These might be situations where these units can be helpful. If you don’t know where to turn to buy one, please review our website and find a unit that works for your monthly budget and income. These products are many times designed to help your oxygen deficiency.

Spend time reviewing your options

ShopEZCredit is not an expert in the medical industry, and we do not provide medical advice. However, we exist to help people with challenged credit situations, to obtain a product for your needs. What can be more important than financing a product that will aid in your health? We have several products on our website to choose from, so feel free to look around to find the right unit for you. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so be sure to review each product in detail to ensure you have the features and capabilities you need from the product. Seek out proper medical advice and attention for the leading features and designs for this industry. The manufacturers should provide a detailed operations manual, with specific safety instructions and procedures. Of course, your doctor with proper medical expertise and credentials should be your first place to turn as it relates to product safety. It can be helpful to alert your doctors and nurses on the product you have selected, so be sure to contact them immediately upon purchase.

More information about these products

Many of these products have plastic tubing for oxygen transportation. The unit also will require oxygen tubes or containers to supply the necessary levels and chemical concentrations. The units can be portable and most plug in to the wall for power. It can be helpful to review the length of the tubing, cords and size of the unit. This will help you to find a product that best fits your needs. As always, we are here for you. Please contact us with any questions you might have, as we can be a great resource for you during the shopping phase.