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Rent to Own Living Room Furniture

We have rent to own living room furniture as low as $99.00 for our 2 piece modern sofa set, to as low as $111.00 for our upholstered leather reclining living room sectional set. ShopEZCredit exists to get you financing with a rent to own living room set and setup a payment every two weeks. We provide details on a finance contract so you are able to get the product you need as soon as possible. The contract will explain how many months you will need to pay the loan, as well as the interest you will pay back to the finance company or bank.

Living Room Furniture Bad Credit

We can provide insight for Living Room Furniture Bad Credit. This is helpful because many of us are not able to get standard financing from furniture stores (starting at $99.00 every two weeks). It is time to look for us to get you approved! We have 75% of our applicants that are approved for some sort of financing options. Don’t wait, get started today! See below for a few samples of the items we have on our website. You are also able to view our entire product selection, which includes pricing and features.


The brands we have for our least expensive items are Tufted Velvet, Aldo, Adeline Mid Century Modern, Barrington, PU, Bobkona Shelton, Bobkona Sonya, Camero, Carbon Velvet, Chesterfield, Chesterfield Chenille, Michael, Poundex, Roundhill, US Pride, Venice and Zenda. The features may include the leather chaise and ottoman sofa, loveseat with chair, bonded leather, reclining set, real grain leather, double recliner and platinum fabric. The colors we offer range from beige to chocolate, black/white, brown, gray, espresso, espresso, ash black, blue, ivory, sand, charcoal and smoke.

Our more expensive products are made from Classics, Sedona set, Louis collection, Palermo and Bowie. The features may include the antique nail head trim, double motion loveseat, modern Victorian and upholstered leather reclining sectional set. The colors available are shale and dark brown.

Rent to Own Couch

The different types of pieces sold with these products are the Rent to Own Couch, Rent to Own Loveseat, ottoman, chair, accent pillows, reclining sofa and chaise. The main difference between the items is the amount of seating and size of the item. A sofa usually seats 2-3 people comfortably, however has the largest size. The loveseat is created to have 2 people seated. The chair is an individual seating arrangement. The ottoman provides a matching footrest or centerpiece decoration. The pillows provide an accent decoration that looks great for appearance. The chaise is a longer/extended chair designed to support your legs. The reclining sofa allows you to pull up a footrest with a button, pull out plastic handle or a wooden bar.

Any furniture item may come with 2-6 pieces. It is important to understand what comes with the pricing listed on our website, so be sure to view the product details to know what’s included.

Tell me about this product

Living room furniture is important for many reasons. Many people enjoy the look, feel and comfort new furniture provides. You can change the appearance of your home and/or create the inviting atmosphere you desire. Finally, you may find fulfillment in decorating your home with matching artwork, pictures, pottery and lighting. There is nothing more warming to guests to have beautiful furniture to see when they come in your home!

Why should I want new furniture?

People get new furniture for many reasons. First, it is common for people to move locations and purchase furniture that fits the new spaces in their home. Next, many people need to upgrade from the furniture they currently have. It is possible to have torn, ripped or stained furniture that is no longer desired and should be replace. Finally, many people enjoy getting new furniture to meet the new styles or designs.

About ShopEZCredit

ShopEZCredit wants to be a resource for you. If you are struggling to be approved for financing, you have come to the right place. We can’t get everyone approved, but we usually get around 75% approved for some amount of financing. We will look at your situation and find solutions that might be appropriate for you. The finance companies understand that we send many potential customers to them, which may have less than perfect credit scores or payment histories. Don’t struggle any longer, let our customer service guide you to get the new belongings you desire!

Who buys this item?

Living room furniture can be for many people. First, families should consider purchasing these products as other families, friends and acquaintances will likely visit from time to time. Next, individuals should purchase these items not only as a gateway to invite people in, but to keep people coming back because you have a neat, clean and modern appearance. Last, elderly or seniors should consider these products because you need areas for people to sit or relax when they visit. This could be comfort for family or friends, but also consider nurses, doctors or others you invite into your home.

Where is this furniture usually located?

This product is usually placed near the entrance of a home or apartment. It may not be the first thing that people see when they enter, however, it is usually the first place a gathering will take place. The living room is usually a place for parties, discussions, playing games, eating food, opening presents and watching tv. Many memories are experienced in a living room. Photos might be taken to remember the good times. The new furniture will look great and represent the importance you place on people.

When can I get my furniture?

This is a great question! We are just as excited as you are to get started with the financing process. We take great pride in our work and value the time you have spent on our website. We want to get your new purchases to your door as soon as possible!

It usually is a seamless and fast process. The delivery occurs shortly after we’ve received approval for your contract. We will want you to fully read and understand the contract so you can sign the documentation with confidence. Do you have the living room furniture picked out? Let’s get this going. View our entire product selection to Apply Now and we can instantly send this to the banks or finance companies.