We make connections with unique lenders that are ready to finance hot tub products, such as a portable hot tub.

Can you finance a hot tub?

Yes! Hot tubs, also referred to as a jacuzzi or spa, may be financed with little to no money down, competitive interest rates and as close to a no credit check option as possible. This means it does require credit checks, however, the lenders we contact are usually able to work with your situation to provide hot tub financing for you with payments as low as $140.00. This is important, as many people are not able to afford the up front cost of a hot tub. Instead, you can break down the total amount of the purchase into smaller bi-weekly payments and terms with hot tub financing. It typically will cost more than purchasing in cash or credit card, but the bi-weekly payments give you the opportunity to pay it over time and use your money on other necessary household expenses. For other general information check out our Hot Tubs page.

Hot Tub Payment Plan

The payments for our products can be as low as $59.00 per month with portable hot tub financing. It can be as low as $155.00 for the more expensive models. We have rent to own programs and we have options for good or bad credit situations. We will need to look at your individual situation and the product you want to buy, to provide more precise amount for your payment.

Portable Hot Tub Financing

Portable or Inflatable hot tubs are highly sought after. The reason is that they have many jets, good controls, modern designs and can be moved around much easier. You are able to free up space when needed. The portable hot tub financing payments are much cheaper, meaning you get more value for your dollar. It can also save you money, as the traditional hot tubs typically require you to hire an electrician for installing a special electric line. Last, to move a traditional hot tub, it requires an incredible amount of work because of the weight. The unit might be broken when moved or the electric line might need to be re-installed. With a portable hot tub, you can drain the water, release the air from the chambers and easily move the unit to a different place on your property. You can also move it to another property or location without huge headaches of finding help to move them or renting a trailer.

How does this work?

With ShopEZCredit it's easy. First, head over to our hot tub product gallery, and find something you like. Then click the 'Apply Now' button and fill out our easy credit application and we will contact you with the terms! That's it.

What's the payment amount?

Since we deal with financing, your bi-weekly payment will be determined by a number of factors, such as: Credit Score, APR, which lender approves you and how many months your financing agreement is paid back over. Each person will have a different payment every two weeks depending on these factors (and more). We do know your payments could be as low as $59 evry two weeks for some of our lower cost hot tubs, and as low as $155 every two weeks for a higher end spa.

What are my rates?

Rates (APR) are determined by factors such as credit score, lender, income and credit history. We have several lenders that offer financing to a variety of credit scores. Each has their own criteria and APR calculations. To find what your APR would be, simply fill out our credit application.

How much does a 2 person hot tub cost?

The price for a hot tub can vary from under $1,500 to well over $8,000. Depending on what size and features you want included. We have a inflatable hot tub that can seat 6 that is priced below the $1,500 mark. So the cost is really dependent on the quality and features of the spa you want. For more prices, check out our hot tub gallery.

What if you don't have what I want?

That is ok! If you have something specific in mind, we can get it or something very similar. First fill out the application by clicking the 'Apply Now' button at the top of the site. When we call you, give us the manufacturer and model of the hot tub you want. We will find it and help you get the product you really want. Let us help! If you have any questions you can call us first. Our hours of operation and contact number are listed below.

How will I get my product?

First find the jacuzzi you want, then click the 'Apply Now' button and fill out our quick and easy credit application. We will get you pre-approved and call you within a few hours to discuss the terms of your financing agreement. Then we will ship your product to your home at no additional cost!

How heavy are hot tubs?

The portable units are only 110 ounces before adding water. The larger units are somewhere in the 630-750 pound range before adding water. The smaller units are around 270 pound and around 2,000 pounds once it’s filled with water. So this will give you an idea of what kind of deck or area that you’re going to need as far as weight capacity.

Other ways to finance your hot tub

We understand our options may not be the best method for you. However, keep in mind that you may also buy the products on our website with cash (if available). Be sure to check the purchase price of the products, in case this is an option for you. Otherwise, you can consider alternatives outside of ShopEZCredit such as Home Equity loans, credit cards or personal loans. These methods may result in a cheaper monthly payment if the interest rates are low. You may wish to check with your bank to see if any options exist.