DJ Equipment Finance

What equipment do DJs use?

The typical products used are an electronic turntable, special effects for lighting, quality speakers, microphones and related accessories. These accessories include mic stands, wireless microphones, connector cables and equalizers. Some of the separate equipment that DJs use is practical tables, comfortable chairs, cord covers, batteries and designer clothing for special occasions.

How much does DJ equipment cost?

DJ equipment can be expensive, depending on the quality of product you are looking to purchase. The most expensive products that will need to be purchased to get started is the speakers, turntable, lighting and equalizers. These products can range in pricing, but you will need to consider paying thousands up front to get the quality needed. The last thing you want to be known for in the DJ business, is a company that cannot produce an event at the level expected by your customers. You have many things to consider, which means to get a grasp on loudness, room sizes, amount of attendees and distance of equipment cabling or accessories.

DJ equipment speakers

The speakers are an essential piece of the package. The speakers may include the central speaker, tweeters and/or subwoofer. The central speaker is used for most vocals and common sounds from music. The tweeters provide the high range sound and the subwoofer is the low range sound. It is important to have quality with all three components, as music selection demands could range from Classic, Country or Rap. Each of these genres will have specific needs for their speakers. Many experienced professionals will have separate units for each speaker, which only enhances the sound excellence. When purchasing speakers, it is important to have good balance and ensure two speakers at minimum are utilized. Another important facet of speakers is the bounce from the walls and interior fixtures of the building being utilized. It is possible to severely overpower the decibel rating necessary for certain areas, so be sure to consult with the wedding planner or building administrator to understand the dynamics present for each event you are involved with.